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    This is a project I created a few months ago to teach myself how to program stuff for macOS in Swift.

    I decided to share this at an early stage because it might be interesting for some people (especially new developers) to see a new project grow over time from the beginning. I'm also doing it to keep myself motivated and get as much feedback and suggestions so soon as possible.

    You can find the source here:

    Here is the latest non released build for anyone to try out which requires macOS 10.13 or greater:

    SwiftAudioPlayer was purely created for my own needs, which is having a simple and easy to use music player for macOS. That's why I also don't plan to add too many features. After all this player should also perform great with very little CPU usage and right now it's very efficient.

    Another goal it to make this player work at any size, no matter if you want to use it in fullscreen, splitscreen or just as a tiny little window on the side.

    Current Features:
    • Loading tracks into the playlist by selecting files or folders
    • Clearing the entire playlist
    • Reordering one or multiple tracks by drag & drop
    • Media Key support (play / pause / next / previous)
    • Now Playing support (sidebar widget)
    • Seek playback position
    • Adjust player volume
    • Little settings page
    • (experimental) Changing Light / Dark theme from the menu ("View" -> "Color Scheme")
    Features planned to be added next:
    • Open files directly from Finder
    • Shuffle / Repeat options
    • (maybe) Save current playlist state

    Screenshots of the player in it's current state:
    Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 12.17.52.png
    Screenshot 2018-07-12 at 16.27.13.png

    Feedback and suggestions are welcome!

    Also anyone is allowed to contribute to this project on GitHub.

    I will try to keep the first post updated as new features and builds are available.

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