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    I just wanted to announce the release of my new app, Timing 2.

    Timing observes how you use your Mac and categorizes your activities.
    You can see how you spent your time and how productive you were, with a great timeline that shows when you did what.
    It also shows you your most productive hours of the day and automatically recognizes blocks of time that belong together.
    Timing also supports tracking time manually and lets you generate sophisticated reports.


    What makes Timing 2 unique?
    • Automatic time tracking with extremely high accuracy:
      Timing tracks apps, document paths, website URLs, titles of read emails, conversation partners in Messages, and more.
    • An interactive timeline that shows you exactly when you did what.
    • Automatic suggestions for blocks of time that belong together. This lets you assign hours of time at once,
      combining the accuracy of manual time tracking with the convenience of automatic tracking.
    • The option to create sophisticated rules to further automate categorization of activities.
    • Timing can automatically ask you what you did whenever you return to your Mac.
    • To summarize, the combination of all these (and more) special automation features makes for a product that really makes time tracking much easier than before.
    • Timing respects your privacy. In contrast to a lot of other time tracking services, it does not upload your data to the cloud.
      We even figured out a way to avoid tracking your incognito browser windows to further protect your privacy!
    There's also a YouTube video that explains how exactly the app works.

    Again, you can check the app out here.

    If you have any feedback, feel free to post it here :)

    Thank you,
    Daniel Alm
    Developer of Timing
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