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Apr 12, 2001

YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has today shared a new video giving a closer look at Apple's reusable face masks for corporate and retail employees.

Apple's own face mask was designed by the company's Engineering and Industrial Design teams amid the global health crisis for corporate and retail employees, and the boxes include Apple's famous "Designed by Apple in California" text.

The video described the packaging alone as an "unboxing experience unlike anything you would expect for a reuseable face mask." It shows that each box contains five individually sealed masks with adapters to join the ear loops for a more secure fit. The packaging for each mask is printed with instructions for use, encouraging users to wash their hands, open the mask, and then adjust the straps for a comfortable fit.

Unbox Therapy observed that the mask, made of three pieces of high-quality fabric, feels better than conventional masks. The mask has a design with a triangle shape to accommodate the nose without fogging glasses, a rounded section for the chin, and adjustable strings for the ears.

Although Apple did not provide a medical classification for air filtration capability, the video's informal testing suggested that the mask is effective at blocking airflow out of a user's mouth. "It feels very secure. As far as breathing is concerned, I'd say it's fairly comparable (to a surgical mask) but I definitely feel more sealed off than a standard surgical mask," Unbox Therapy remarked.

The mask comes in a range of sizes and can be washed up to five times, with up to eight hours of use possible before a wash. As the mask is intended for corporate and retail employees, it is not available to the general public.

The video also reviewed ClearMask, a consumer option designed to overcome the barriers to visual communication that come with conventional opaque masks. Apple is also using ClearMask, in addition to their in-house design, for retail employees.

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Article Link: Video Offers Closer Look at Apple Face Mask


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Jul 6, 2012
I always find unbox therapy entertaining if nothing else. I loved the one they did for the new Mac Pro wheel kit.

The video is actually very cool, the mask looks much better than our typical disposable one you can buy - laughing as I type that, but Apple made a seriously good mask. They should sell them.
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Jun 11, 2015

This is not Apples new take on mask. This is a standard design, on the market for 100 years... it's called a "fold flat".

3M and other companies are selling them.

For example:



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Feb 24, 2019
Sad that we live in a time where something as innocuous as wearing a mask is politicized.

Who did that? None of the comments here have politicized mask wearing so far. Some are funny, some complimentary..

Personally, I'm not interested in one that's not a "Woz" signature edition. And I can't wear it at work. We're mandated to wear the KN95 issued anyway....


Jul 31, 2011
Because we have a hearing impaired population we use the clear masks he showed. They are terrible. They at are anti-fog, and as such condensation hits the mask plastic and runs down your chin. After a few hours you are soaking wet and you can feel yourself breaking out. Also, while their is no fog the degree of condensation is such that it looks like you are looking through a glass shower curtain.
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