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May 30, 2016
From 2003 to 2013, every 1/2 years or so, apple would introduce a new version of iLife. This included iMovie, Garage Band, etc. How ever, recently, I have noticed that these apps are being updated less and less. iMovie has not scene a big update since 2013, Garage band has not scene a big update since the beginning of last year, and the photos app has not been changed since its introduction back in April 2015.
I feel that all these apps need a major update. iMovie is getting old, and needs to add some new effects, transitions, music, etc. Garage Band is really buggy, crashes way to often, has missing loops and a clunky interface that needs a change. And, the same can be said for the Photos app. So my question is, does anyone agree with me? Do you think it is time for Apple to introduce a iLife2017? What would you want in it?


Dec 15, 2016
Interesting name there, OP... But no, I doubt Apple will simply discontinue these products. They've only recently gotten updates to accommodate for the new MacBooks' Touch Bars, so they're still being updated. Most of the time the apps already work so well there's almost no need to update them, and if they do all the new features are jam packed into one huge update. It's also another way to generate buzz about the updates, and encourage users to use the latest versions.
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