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  1. S

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 4,1-5,1 stuck on gray screen

    Hello everyone, I've been running a very stable setup for years. My 4,1-5,1 Mac Pro has a MacVidCards Vega 64, 64GB of ECC RAM in triple channel and boots to opencore on nvme. There I sometimes choose to boot to Windows 10 on SATA. The nvme has Mojave. Everything was working fine for a long...
  2. andrew nz

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 4.1 5.1 advice sought

    Hello All Mac Pro enthusiasts I am in a position when I can finally purchase one of these models. Before I commit, I request some expert advice to support upgrades and development and compatibility with my typical uses. On the Mac side I use my preferred workflow and now some photo editing...
  3. C

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 4,1 -> 5,1 shuts down after a few minutes

    Hi all, my trusty 4,1 (flashed to 5,1) all of a sudden just shut down without being under load and wouldn't properly start up anymore. After it cooled off, it will boot again, but within 5 minutes or so before it just shuts down again. I read the threads about the temperature issues and cleaned...
  4. F

    MP 1,1-5,1 Determine SMC Version of 4,1 / 5,1 Logic Board

    Hello everyone, I bought a used cMP, which was sold as 5,1 (not working). I have a working 5,1 to swap parts with the broken one. PSU, Processor Board including CPU & RAM, Bluetooth Module, Disk Drives, Hard Drives, GPU and everything works when swapping, except for the Logic Board. The...
  5. B

    MP 1,1-5,1 Quick Help needed – cMP 4.1 red CPU LED and not booting after SSD install

    Hello, I just got a 2009 cMP 4.1 single CPU with 5.1 firmware flash. I wanted to install a PCIe SSD (AXAGON PCIE-NVME M.2 PCEM2-NC + Samsung 970 EVO). When I pressed the power button, the vents and DVD drive started as usual, but after one or two seconds I could smell a bit of smoke. No boot...
  6. TrumanLA

    MP 1,1-5,1 MacPro 4,1 / 5,1 Adequate Wattage / Wiring: 980 Ti or 1080 Ti GPU

    SOLVED via 'Pisla's Mod" It doesn't appear as difficult as it looked at first glance: It consists of using simple taps on 8 long wires, which are routed from the DVD area through the HDD shelf, to the GPU. I'll post any extra details or pictures after I do it ... as I'm sure I"ll find areas...
  7. costabunny

    MP 1,1-5,1 cMP 2009 dual CPU - Random shutdowns

    Hi y’all My Mac Pro 4.1 dual CPU was a swap for my XBox One S. It was purchased direct from Apple UK by my friend who did the swap. He has had it in his photography studio, and it has done light work over it’s life. Anyways; first thing I had to do was put a boot disk in it and re-install...
  8. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro EFI Chip flashing experts out there?

    Hey, i figured out in another thread, that my mac pro 4.1(patched to 5.1) has a EFI based booting problem. Now my hope is to get it back working with an older OS X el capitan version as a boot stick, original cpu etc. and a corresponding flashed EFI Chip ( seen in this thread ). I also saw...
  9. bobitavu

    cpu upgrade fail single x5675 mac pro 2009 updated 5.1

    Hi, sorry for the double post, maybe some readers will only get it here Hi everyone, new to this forum. Mac pro 2009 mono cpu (stock mono 2,66) updated to 5.1, high sierra with bootrom MP51.0089.B00 BootROM CPU update fail !! Trying to install a x5675 bought on ebay After cpu change and new...
  10. G

    MPc 4.1 2009, PSU Blows fuses in house

    I have one 2009 4.1 MPc. UPDATED: Machine keeps blowing fuses upon plugging it into socket for power. Once one fuse is blown (or fuse is blown one time) the machine runs just fine. I now did have another look at the problem, and seems that the fuse will blow when cable is put in FIRST time...
  11. Mihatsu

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 HYBRID Installation

    Hi, I tried to find some info from here how to power (Mac Pro 4.1-5.1) 1080ti card where is 2x8-pin connector but here wasn't so many conversation about it. So I took risk and ordered EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 HYBRID card which is water cooled card. I was thinking to share this if it helps...
  12. C

    bad 4.1 dual processor board?

    What can be wrong on a 4.1 tray? It's only on the CPU B side. It's not the CPU, swapped several times. It's not the memory, swapped as well. With another tray everything is fine. I know this tray has been sitting in a computer who ran hot, it killed the CPU B, replaced it, but something else is...
  13. 1151105

    Mac Pro 2009 4,1 > 5,1 - Build + Benchmarks

    Hey guys, just wanted to get a post going with some benchmarks and stats for this *updated* build that many of you are probably running now. Here's mine: Mac Pro 2009 4,1 > 5,1 XEON x5680 x2 FW: Mojave on OCZ Vertex4 SSD 256GB Win10 on WD Black NVMe 500GB [Lycom DT-120] Ubuntu...
  14. G

    Mac Pro 4,1->5,1 RX Vega

    Do the RX Vega cards need to be flashed to work with the old Mac Pros? I've done a lot of research about Nvidia cards, but I don't really know how it works with the AMD cards. I've seen some stuff about editing kext files. If you do that does it work with the EFI, or would it need to be flashed...
  15. T

    Linux on Mac Pro 4,1 -> 5,1 12 cores

    When I boot linux on my Mac Pro 12 core 4.1 -> 5.1 FW update, I get an MCE error. It doesn't prevent the mac from booting but can someone boot linux on an upgraded 4.1 and tell me if they get a similar issue ? Thanks
  16. N

    2009 Mac Pro Suddenly Won't Power Up Anymore

    Hey everyone, so I purchased a 2009 4,1 Mac Pro (Dual x5550) on Craigslist a couple weeks ago for $150. Honestly insane deal for how good of condition it's in. I painlessly flashed it to a 5,1, installed High Sierra, upgraded to 32gb of RAM, and installed a GTX 1070. I've had absolutely no...
  17. n8ballz

    MP 1,1-5,1 cMP {classicMacPro}{4,1 & 5,1} - Upgrade Guide Sticky Discussion

    Hey Folks, Lets start a discussion and collect everything relevant for cMP upgraders out there. Topics to consider: CPU Upgrades Compatibility chart CPU Delid / standoffs 4,1 to 5,1 firmware upgrade Memory Compatibility and Upgrades UDIMM Model Numbers RDIMM Model Numbers RAM...
  18. L

    Mac Pro Hard Drive Trays Compatibility

    I am so sorry if this is in the wrong forum section this is my first time posting. I am buying a Mac Pro 4.1 and asked myself if the Hard Drive Trays from the Mac Pro 1.1 are compatible and fit in the 4.1
  19. illmaticwes

    WatchOS 4.1 on Series 1 not showing

    I am unable to update to watchOS 4.1. I do not see the update yet even though watch on charger (unlocked) and over 50%. I had a beta profile but removing that didn't work. Anyone have similar issue?
  20. riverfreak

    Can you download music OTA for offline with 4.1?

    Transferring music from the phone to the watch is just stupidly, painfully slow. With 4.1 and the option to stream music, can you also — with an appropriate AM account of course — choose to download music? I’d hazard to guess that downloading over LTE would be way, way faster than the...