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external disk

  1. M

    Lightroom photo storage: internal vs. external

    In the past I have stored my Lightroom photos on an external FW800 drive. This was necessary due to limited internal drive space on my older iMac. Well, that iMac died and I got a new one with a 2TB Fusion drive (split into 2 1TB partitions). So I now have the space on my internal drive. My...
  2. A

    looking for external disk to run fusion vm's

    Hello, I have a Mid 2015 rMBP on which I will run bunch of VM's but I have not much space to hold the VM's. I am looking for a 256GB external disk which should be somewhat portable. I checked Sandisk extreme pro 256GB USB 3.0, did anyone had such an experience? Is sandisk extreme pro capable of...
  3. B


    I have a Macbook pro late 2011 running El Capitan. My 1T samsung external drive has suddenly stopped being recognised. It is not in Finder or in disc utility. It is however in Apple About, system report, USB. Its light goes on when connected and I've connect it with the macbook on power cord. My...
  4. MayaBN

    Music player for iphone external flash disk

    I got the JetDrive Go 300 that I connect to my iPhone. I put all my music on it and want to play it directly from the disk. It comes with an app that isn't really comfortable for playing music, and the usual Apple Music app doesn't see the music stored on the disk. All the apps I went through on...
  5. T

    Snow Leopard usb hard drive on MBP El Capitan

    Hi! I just have a new MBP retina with El Capitan, my old MB (white) was dead and I bought a new one. I removed the old drive from the MB and put it into an USB case and I tried to start it in the new MBP using the option key (as I usually do with others drives into my old MB), but it didn't...
  6. SAdProZ

    How to Move (not Copy) Files from External HD?

    Normally: when you drag a file from an external drive to the Desktop (for example), the file will copy (meaning the file remains on the external HD AND the desktop) Is there a way to JUST drag the file and it moves, rather than copies? (like an option, or a keyboard shortcut?)
  7. veehb

    Resolved Why do I get false "Disk Not Ejected Properly" message on iMac 27"?

    Ever since upgrading to ElCapital 10.11.3 I have been getting this false message. It occurs while my iMac 27" 5K is sleeping and the messages sometimes come in about once an hour, although there is no time stamp on the message. I know that Time Machine doesn't update while the iMac is asleep...