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  1. Olivia23

    iPhone X adjusting brightness on its own.

    I have an iPhone X with the latest update and for awhile I've been having issues with it adjusting the brightness on its own. Yes I have everything turned off. Auto brightness is turned off, true tone turned off and under General, Display Accommodations I have Auto Brightness turned off. I...
  2. Evox75

    iPhone X with 11.1.2

    Phone gets very hot and battery drains very fast. Not sure if it’s due to the jailbreak but it didn’t seem to do it before. I’ve noticed my money % available goes to 3-4% during this overheat condition. Is there a way to in real time specially what is using so much memory? I’m hoping I...
  3. Evox75

    Help. 11.1.2 very low memory

    I check my memory and I’m down to 4-5% remaining. iPhone X 256 gets hot while using it and not plugged in. Battery drains very fast. What steps should I take to figure out the issue? Thanks so much for any help provided in advance.
  4. I

    MacBook Pro runs much hotter with High Sierra

    My 2016 MacBook Pro runs *much* hotter with high Sierra, before updating it would be around 50 Celsius when connected to two ultrafine 4k displays, now it is constantly around 80 celsius when I'm doing simple tasks. I fresh installed HS when it came out (25/9) so I don't think it is because of...
  5. S

    iPhone IOS 11 - Battery drain, hot, cellular issues

    All, I just thought I’d share an issue I’ve experienced twice since installing 11 a 3 days ago. I noticed high battery drain and my 6s was fairly warm. After doing a hard reset, I received text messages from earlier, and the phone then cools. Battery drains seems to normalize. I’m wandering...
  6. D

    Macbook Pro 2015 seems to be getting hotter over time

    It feels like over the past year my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) has been running hotter and hotter. Here's a graph of the last 7 days for CPU Core 1: It has the Radeon M370X GPU but that seldom goes above 60C. The CPU itself seems to average 70-99C. Are the temps above normal...
  7. B

    iPhone 7 gets warm when in use after drop

    I recently dropped my iPhone 7 in Apple silicone case onto concrete. No visible damage but I noticed that when I'm using the phone the bottom right area (where the loudspeaker located) is slightly warm to touch. It even gets warmer when I'm listening to the music through the loudspeaker. Is it...
  8. S

    Macbook Pro Hot, Blank Screen and Unresponsive

    I have had a problem of putting my Macbook Pro to sleep then coming back to it a couple hours later to find it hot with a black screen and totally unresponsive requiring a forced shutdown. Some outside advice led me to try disabling "Wake for network access" and this did seem to fix the problem...
  9. takenewgames

    Universal [FREE] Mannequin Head - Jumoing Challenge

    Hi, guys. Try my new game Download: Description The Mannequin Head - Jumping Challenge Game is realy hot new challenge! Come Join To Play! The Mannequin Head - Jumping Challenge is taking over the world! Play Now...
  10. janeauburn

    iPhone 7 Plus heats up with iMessage?

    I've noticed that my iPhone 7 Plus gets quite warm when/after using iMessage, particularly the drawing part and the new GIFs. Anyone confirm this?
  11. HelloMikee

    7 Plus home button gets hot, advice?

    So I've had every iPhone since launch and have always used them at 100% brightness. However with the 7 Plus, at full brightness, my iPhone starts to get really hot and oddly, it starts at the home button and the bottom bezel area becomes really hot (the screen itself doesn't get hot which I'd...
  12. S

    Goes from sleep to hot and crashed.

    I've had an intermittent problem that won't seem to go away. I will put my Macbook Pro to sleep. I confirm that it is asleep. The fans turn off and it cools down. I will leave it at home all day. I will come back after a long day and it is still cool and asleep. I won't touch it. I will...
  13. Switchback666

    General Petition to bring back user 'onthecouch' and hello again

    Been a while I don't frequent the forums and the sub but god damm we need a real OG to regulate this side of the forum, 'MRU' have gone soft and I don't know why I don't see any recent pictures of the cool dogs. For the few that remember this was not my original user name but things had to...
  14. R

    High CPU temperature when idle (with screensaver)

    Hello! For a while now, whenever I turned on the screensaver and left my desk for half an hour, I'd come back to see my CPU temperature rise to 80ºC and my fans spinning at a substantial speed. When I wake it up again and unlock the computer, it quickly cools down and is nice and quiet again. I...
  15. Z

    its heating too much

    My mid 2010 27" iMac is heating too much. I can feel the heat when im touching it on its top side. Is there someway i can check if everything is working flawlessly? Dunno, maybe check to see if fans are working?
  16. surfnode

    Mac mini (Late 2012) Distorted Graphics

    Hi, I have a Mac mini (Late 2012) with graphics distortion problem. 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 16GB Ram As you can see in the video its quite messy. I've also noticed that the Mini is running quite hot (currently 70c) This appears to happen most when Firefox is open, enabling hardware...
  17. ImpulseStrike00

    iPhone 6+ playing Pokemon Go in the sun causing thermal throttling.

    I've been walking about an hour a day playing Pokemon Go in 100 degree weather. So naturally my iPhone 6 plus doesn't like this. Every time I walk it dims the screen to a level that I can barely see it. Im not complaining, I know this is an extreme condition. I'm just wondering if there is...
  18. S

    Mac getting hot while asleep

    Early 2008 MacBook Pro. Yes I know it is a dinosaur but with a hard drive SSD upgrade it has been a trooper all these years. I want to ask about a new situation that has never happened before: This happens lately when I put my Mac to sleep either manually or by closing the cover. I usually...
  19. S

    MBP 2010 15" runs extremely hot after GPU panic, but w. low cpu load, and SMC + VRAM reset done

    Hi all, My Macbook Pro 15" mid 2010 i5 2,4 GHz 8GB 1067 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 330m 256MB 320 GB 5400RPM HDD (Original HDD, files) 120 GB OWC Mercury Electra 3G SSD in the superdrive slot (OS) I've had a lot of GPU kernel panic issues during the last couple of years but have managed to...
  20. B

    Macbook Pro Normal Temperatures?

    I feel like my macbook [2012-non retina] maybe running 10-20°C too hot. I'm just curious as to what CPU temperatures everyones machines are running at for the following tasks (and also fan speed): 1. Watching Youtube (1080p and 1080p 60fps) on Safari & Chrome. (HTML5 Mode) 2. Converting Videos...