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  1. 1

    iPhone 7(+) Jet Black 7+ bezel reflections/effects

    Greetings everyone, Upon using my new Jet Black 7 Plus I have come to notice these reflections/patterns on its polished bezel. I can only see them under certain lightning. The attached photo was taken with my desk lamp on, but if I use the phone near a window the reflections are not visible...
  2. Tthomas612

    Resolved Front and Back screen protectors

    Do you all know of any store that actually carries front and back protectors for the iPhone 7 Plus?? I know I can order them online, but I’m not wanting to wait to get it on the phone. The phones for my kid which is 11 years old and it’s jet black... so I wanna get it in before his birthday ..
  3. aPple nErd

    iPhone 7 flaking?

    So i've had my 7 since launch day. I noticed while cleaning it today that there are several flecks on the anodized backing where it looks like the finish is flaking. See what you guys think
  4. W

    iPhone 7(+) Anyone had their iPhone 7/7+ go "Missing" from UPS?

    So i ordered my iPhone 7 plus 256GB Jet Black from on 9/28. It shipped on 11/2 with delivery set for 11/7. On 11/7 no one was home to sign for it when the first delivery attempt was made so on 11/8 i called UPS to have the package held at the UPS center for pickup 11/9. On the night of...
  5. U

    Lined 7+ cases for Jet black iPhone

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an iPhone case that is lined with felt (a la the iphone leather case or the maxboost case from amazon)? Bonus points if they are glossy black on the outside.
  6. F

    Fastest way to get a jet black iPhone 7+

    I'm tired of seeing stories of people who were waiting for their phones only to come across a jet black randomly at some retailer. I ordered a jet black+ two weeks ago, and its estimated ship date is 12/12-12/19 I called my Apple store and they were out of stock. Where else can I go? *I also...
  7. F

    Is there a possibility that my jet black 7 plus could ship early?

    I've never had a black apple product, but jet black looks so beautiful that I had to order one. Anyways, I ordered a 7 plus 128gb yesterday at the AT&T store and the guy who sold me the phone told me it would arrive at the end of November. BUT, when I checked my order status on the AT&T...
  8. S

    Call issues

    I've had T-Mobile for over a year and I know their service is not stellar but it works for me (also don't want to pay more for service). I've had the 6S since last year and reception has been fine. Ever since I got the 7 a couple weeks back, people have told me they need to call me twice in...
  9. U


    Great news!! My Jet Black 256GB iPhone 7 Plus was ordered October 11th 2016 and was given an estimated ship date of December 21st thru December 29th, 2016. However this morning, I received updated shipping information from AT&T stating that my new ship dates are November 30th, 2016 through...
  10. U

    Late Order Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus

    I noticed that there were no forums for those who had made a late order for a 7 Plus in Jet Black, so I'm creating this for all of you that have. This order was made through AT&T, by the way I submitted my order on October 11, 2016 at around 4:30 PM for a 256GB Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus. My...
  11. joshwithachance

    Just Scored a Jet Black 7 Plus at Target!

    I'm not making this thread to brag or anything like that. I just wanted to make a post to spread some positivity and reinforce that it IS possible to get the phone you truly want, if you're willing to be diligent enough, before December. Basically, the phone was being held for a preorder...
  12. kjparfekt

    Jet Black Finish New Problem (not scratching)

    I've had a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus for a little while now and was extremely concerned about scratches based on early reviews, the Apple disclaimer, and viewing a demo unit in store before mine arrived. I thought a case would defeat the purpose of the Jet Black color and would end up leading to...
  13. K

    Do you want a better charger?

    Hello, we are high school students looking to make a better iPhone Charger! We believe that the charger cord breaking at one end is a problem everyone has! We want to fix that problem. We would be grateful if you took our survey to give us more data to make a better charger...
  14. S

    iPhone 7 Plus buying advice (UK)

    So I'm after the 256GB Jet Black 7 Plus (yes, I know, probably one of the most elusive phones on the planet right now) and I ultimately would want to get it on the Upgrade Program. Unfortunately, because it can't be pre-ordered in any way through the IUP, I have to wait until it's back in stock...
  15. M

    Why buy matte black?

    Bla bla bla...
  16. H

    iPhone 7+ JB - 10/18-10/31 Ship Date

    Wanted to start a new thread for this group of orders. Has anyone seen movement yet? I've been at PFS since Saturday AM. I ordered through the app and got confirm at 3:18am EST. 7+ 128GB Verizon, IUP
  17. C

    Matte Black better than Jet Black (My opinion only)

    I have a regular black 7+ and went to the Apple Store to checkout the Jet Black iPhone. They have a JB 7 on display. The front side of both JB and Black phones look exactly identical in finish. The back side is where things get interesting. The JB iPhone feels awesome to grip and hold but it is...
  18. R

    iPhone Upgrade Program - Return Policy?

    Do any of you know know or understand the return policy for iPhones after exercising the upgrade. I upgraded my 6S Plus (on IUP) on Saturday to a BLACK 7 Plus (on IUP) but I would like to return it as i just got the e-mail from apple saying a Jet Black iPhone would be waiting for me at my...
  19. ck3801 7+ Jet Black 10/18-10/31 delivery dates any movement

    Ordered on 9/9 at 1:15am mdt 7+ 256gb AT&T Next delivery dates 10/18 -10/31. Still processing:( Anyone have any movement on theirs'?
  20. D

    iPhone 7(+) So, ACTUAL Jet Black are they holding up?

    Seeing as how all we've really seen so far are reviewers dragging knives down their phones and throwing them in a bag and of bolts, I'm curious as to how the Jet Black phones are really holding up in real life use. I'm getting mine delivered tomorrow. Thanks in advance for sharing your...