mac pro 2010

  1. milohywel

    MP 1,1-5,1 How can I make my mac Pro a current computer?

    Hey folks, I'm gonna try to cover this as quick as possible as it could be a question which is asked often. I've just purchased the most recent Macbook Pro, which is running the latest OS and is running it smooooth. At home I also have a Mac Pro (Mid 2010 tower), which cannot update past High...
  2. Mark Bowen

    MP 1,1-5,1 How to upgrade to Mojave from High Sierra using an RX580?

    First off please accept my apologies as I can see from the many many threads I've read about this that it's definitely been discussed before but I'm so completely lost with all of this now that I thought I should ask in a new thread. I have a Mac Pro 5,1 (Mid 2010) which I bought when they...
  3. flaubert

    Identify an upgraded 4,1 easily?

    Hi, I’m thinking of picking up a spare Mac Pro 5,1 to have on hand for parts in case anything goes south with my current single-processor 5,1. My current Mac Pro is a true 2010 Mac Pro 5,1 so I would like the spare to be the same, for maximum compatibility. However, it can be tricky to spot an...
  4. parisinvest

    Mac Pro 2010 won't start up - workout step by step

    this is my own experience to solve the non start up problem to a Mac Pro 2010, I write down almost all possibilities which the problem could come from, and the solutions: here I've reveiced a Mac Pro 2010 mono processeur 2,4 quad original, it did not start up at first power on, commun after...
  5. O

    Resolved Different Size RAM module (2010 - 5,1)

    Hi, I've just installed 2x16GB RDIMM modules in slot 1 and 5, while the rest of the slot are filled with 8GB. Currently running Mojave now, and all RAM are detected properly, as shown below: I wonder if the slot location 1 and 5 are proper for the 16GB module, because the 'memory slot...
  6. D

    MP 1,1-5,1 Cooler Northbridge on The Mac Pro 5,1 Dual CPU

    get Northbridge temp down to 120 F ( 49c ) direct the airflow over the Northbridge Heatsink
  7. S

    Mac Pro 5.1 Won't Start! Please help :((

    I replaced my mac's gtx 680 with rx 580, and installation went well. Before installing I cleaned all the fans with compressed air and when this ran out, I used a toothbrush to move dust and eventually carefully vacuumed it or took it out by paper. It might have been slightly moist, but I don't...
  8. T

    I got Mojave working on a Mac Pro 4,1, Geforce 710, and a 1 tB fusion drive

    Just throwing a post in here in case people don't find their way to the Mac Pro forum. First off, I got my Mac Pro prepped per @tsialex 's fine instructions, found here. Firmware: Got my firmware updated. Read the thread above and follow directions exactly. Graphics: Removed incompatible...
  9. O

    Windows 10 Mac Pro 2010 no bootcamp

    Hi guys, Want to share my experience installing W10 in my cMP 2010 5,1 without bootcamp. TL;DR: - use W10 1607 ISO. - do not use USB as there is bootROM corruption issue - W10 is installed into different storage than the MacOS - use excellent guide by h9826790 (I skip the BootCamp 5...
  10. datboi_gfx

    Mac Pro 2010 Problems

    (Mid 2010) Mac Pro Problems Recently my dad’s Mac Pro (mid 2010) started having an issue where it couldn’t turn on at all so we tried fixing this computer as it is a really reliable and strong machine which has never failed him before. *NOTE: We are doing this ourselves as the computer is...
  11. Speedstar

    Mac Pro PassThrough Efi Boot Output Fermi etc. 4Mojave

    I am not an engineer, nor programmer but a possible scenario for Mac Pro GPU support in 10.14 could be a PCI/Passthrough solution of MAC-EFI/GraphicsCard to second GPU/Metal/supportedDevice port output (without Mac Efi), maybe AMD Vega only which are officially supported in eGPU configurations...
  12. colofdurty

    Windows 7 on an MBpro 2k10 with gfx Problems?

    Hey, is there a way to install Windows 7 on an 2k10 MBpro with the gfx Problems? Becouse u cant deactivate the Nvidia Card when ur installing? Thanks for helping
  13. Z

    Mac Pro 2010 - El Capitan (Colour Depth and Mini Display Port Problems)

    Hello all, My system is composed of a mid-2010 MacPro with 32GB of RAM + ATI Radeon 5770 + DELL 2713H monitor connected through one of the Mini Display Port outputs. I have been using this system without a problem for more than 4 years, with different internal SSDs for OSX 10.6.8, 10.8.5 and...
  14. M

    WiFi Calling added to 2012 Mac Pro 5,1?

    I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before, but has anyone convinced WiFi Calling with supported carriers such as Verizon Wireless to work on a Mac Pro 5,1 2012 model? I am assuming that it needs an updated Bluetooth 4.0 module an the Continuity patch installed, but wasn't sure on...
  15. skyline r34

    Unboxing Titan X Pascal for Mac Pro 5,1

    I just unboxed a Titan X Pascal for my 2010 Mac Pro 12-Core, I have not installed the card yet because I'm waiting on two more parts a mini 6-pin to 8-pin and mini 6-pin to 6-pin power cables and the only place i know that carries them is Moddiy and there base out in Hong Kong but if you guys...
  16. J

    Mac Pro 5.1 no chime, no boot... but after 10 hours disconnected to power

    HI all. Once again the (obviously) very common NO BOOT, NO CHIME problem. I'm running a Mid 2010 Westmere 2.4 8Core with 32RAM, original ATI, Crucial SSD (boot drive), 2 WD 1TB Drives. Additional PCI Card from Avid (ProTools HD Native) for Music Production, 32 GB 1033 RAM, 27"Apple Display...
  17. mrxak

    4,1 broke, still needing a 10.6.8 box

    So, sadly, after 7 faithful years as my primary workhorse, the best, most reliable Mac I have ever owned, my Mac Pro 4,1 has died. Looks to be a CPU failure, or maybe the motherboard gave out. I was hoping it would last long enough that I could get a second gen nMP and then figure out solutions...
  18. K

    Mac Pro with 2010-2012 Firmware Support

    Hello All, I was wondering if someone has tried using Sierra on a 2009 mac pro that has been modified with the 2010-2012 firmware that made it possible to use the 2012 mac pro intel processors. If it works that would be awesome. if someone could confirm that would be great. i unfortunately...
  19. momopinata

    mac pro 2010 5,1: upgrading GPU

    Hello - I have a question regarding upgrading the 2010 5,1 GPU I currently have the radeon 5770 installed and want to upgrade (mainly to speed up C4D) what is my best option? I am wary of non mac cards - leaning towards gtx680 **also** - can I keep both cards installed? if so, is there a...