1. dawindmg08

    Metal/AMD updates in 10.15.4?

    Can anyone confirm if 10.15.4 updated the GPU drivers for the current AMD card lineup? Been waiting to pull the trigger on a 16" MBP but keep hearing horror stories about glitches and Metal acceleration on the new Macs, especially in Adobe Premiere Pro. Been hoping that it gets fixed before...
  2. S

    MP 1,1-5,1 Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB EFI FLASH NO BOOT LOGO

    Saphire radeon HD7950 3GB has flashed successfully not getting boot loading of os ,gpuz shows EFI ,the bois rom was attached ,the show the full version number of card 7xxx .
  3. G

    MP 1,1-5,1 OpenCL vs. Metal with Mojave on cMP 5,1

    I upgraded to a metal-compatible GPU (Radeon RX 580 Pulse) primarily because Mojave requires it and the clock is ticking on High Sierra. Now I'm trying to figure out whether or not to utilize metal or OpenCL for Photoshop, Camera Raw and photo stacking. I found comments on online forums saying...
  4. M

    Mac Comparing GPU Performance using Metal Performance Shaders

    The MacBook Pro 2018 has two GPUs: AMD Radeon Pro 555X and Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630. I supposed the AMD 555X would be superior in performance compared to the Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630. However, I observed a huge performance difference for Metal Performance Shaders (MPS) between the two GPUs...
  5. 4sallypat

    Stripped Apple Card - bare titanium look anyone ?

    On 9-5 article shows what the Apple card looks like after it was stripped of the white coating: Would anyone like to do this ?
  6. alanmadzar

    MP 7,1 Mac Pro 2019 Work Flow For Pro-App Devs

    I am really trying to understand how these "pro-app" developers are going to utilize the Mac Pro 2019... more specifically, the work flow of (Mac Pro 2019 + MPX Modules + Afterburner + Metal + Pro-App Developers). With a fully configured Mac Pro (w/ MPX Modules and Afterburner), how will a...
  7. P

    MacBook Pro: is the graphics card performance better at 10.3 than at 10.4 with nvidia GPU?

    Hello, ask for an advice, please. i have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15', Mitte 2014) with dual Graphikcards, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2 GB and the less power one: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB i hae read: macOS Mojave requires a graphics card that supports Apple's graphics framework Metal, but until...
  8. G

    Need Help With Cables Needed for GTX 680

    Hi all, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to what cables I need to hook up my two 27in Apple Cinema Displays (non-Thunderbolt). I am updating from the default Radeon GFX card to the GTX 680 to be Metal compatible in my older Mac Pro 5.1. The back of the GTX 680 looks like this...
  9. Reindeer_Games

    Resolved Mojave Hybrid AMD/NVIDIA Dual GPU (Limited Success)-No Display via RX 580

    So I found something interesting-and fun, metal acceleration on both a GTX770 and RX580 and hardware acceleration as well as I know to test it in both Mojave 10.14.3 and Win10-just no display in Mojave via the RX580. My NVIDIA GPU is a MVC flashed GTX 770 Founders Edition 2GB-and reports...
  10. TechInit

    Mac Pro All Metal GPU Requirement Disability

    Hey, so, I want to install Mojave on a Mac Pro 3, 1 with dosdude1's patcher, a GTX 670, which is metal supported though not officially. Since the 670 Isn't technically supported, there are no EFI Firmware Flashes. While watching YouTube I discovered that when installing Mojave, "All GPU's in...
  11. TechInit

    Quadro 4000 with MacOS Mojave

    Hey, So, I've been doing research, and found a out that the best value for money Graphics Card is the Nvidia Quadro 4000. I'm not sure wether to bite the bullet and buy it, or wait until later to buy an RX 560. The Mac Pro is the 3, 1, which can get Mojave when using Dosdude1's Patcher. Looking...
  12. fhturner

    Mac Pro 3,1 2008 Mojave GPU verdict?

    Hey Everyone— I have been searching but cannot find a "complete" answer or recommendation on this (there's a 10.13 HS thread, but not 10.14 Mojave): I need to get a 2008 Mac Pro 3,1 upgraded (via @dosdude1's patched installer) to macOS 10.14 Mojave. So I need a Metal-capable GPU. To recap what...
  13. Tortri

    Hot or not? (Iron Man type case)

  14. A

    Video Player that supports Metal API?

    I've been reading that Mojave drops support for OpenGL. I've been using iina Player for a while now and really appreciate it, but it looks like it utilises OpenGL for cross platform compatibility. Is there any video players that play anything you throw at them with a decent interface that are...
  15. haralds

    Metal Cards recognized by Mojave Installer

    My first install of Mojave was an early beta. My Radeon 7970 was not recognized at the time, but I was able to do a command line install. Since then I have been able to use the GUI, but there was always an installation already on the system. The 79xx series is fully supported in the driver and...
  16. Anto38x

    Is upgrading to a HD7950 Video Card worth it in 2018

    Hi all... I have a MacPro 12 Core (2 x 2.93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon) Mid 2010, with 64GB RAM, 520GB SSD and ATI Radeon HD 5870. Attached to that computer I have a 27" Apple Cinema Display (Non Thunderbolt) using the mini DV port plus a 30" Apple Cinema Display using the DVI port. I want to...
  17. t8er8

    Games on Mojave

    happy to hear people being able to run Mac OS Mojave on their Mac pros without issues, but my question asks if games like fortnite, csgo and other big games, work on Mojave. With the depreciation of OpenGL I can only guess this causes some problems with some games that don’t have metal support...
  18. t8er8

    (Gaming) Fortnite on Polaris GPUs (5,1)

    So, with fortnite being the big craze right now, I was hoping with the metal support I get from my rx 560 I could get fortnite working natively. But im getting crashes on the load up screen. I was wondering if anyone else has similar issues with fortnite on their Mac Pro 5,1 or if it works for...
  19. t8er8

    Metal with a Polaris GPU in Mac Pro 5,1

    A quick question I have about Metal being functional after upgrading to a Polaris gpu in my case rx560. Does metal just enable as soon as you boot with the new gpu, or is there something you need to do to enable metal on a cMP after upgrading. Those questions only apply if metal even does work...
  20. AndreeOnline

    Geekbench METAL scores

    Let's see where we're at in terms of MacPro Metal scores! Geekbench 4.1+ required. I'm getting the ball rolling with a single RX 480 8GB card: EDIT: for reference my MacBook Pro 2016, Radeon 460 gets roughly 32800 points.