1. sayhellotomacintosh

    Dual boot iMac G3

    I have an iMac G3 (it’s the original Bondi Blue, confirmed with serial number) that is currently running Mac OS 9.0.4. It has a 4 GB hard drive. .25 GB (around 250 MB) is currently filled, leaving 3.75 GB free. I would like to partition the drive as to run Mac OS X 10.1 Puma on one partition...
  2. bobesch

    Resolved "BassJumped" PowerBook and Clamshell (os9)

    The BassJump-subwoofer is one of my favorite and most used gadgets for all kind of intel-MacBooks. It's driver-software basicly combines internal speakers with the USB-subwoofer. Sitting in front of a MacBookPro gives you a nice stereo-audio experience with that combination of internal speakers...
  3. bobesch

    FileSharing/ScreenSharing between os9 and intel-Macs

    Basically the idea to start this thread came from here ... https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/os9-late-osx-no-file-sharing-via-afp.2167422/ PS: Many thanks to all fellow MR-PPC-Forum members - without their genius help and advice things wouldn't have got so far by now --- I'd like to use...
  4. E

    UNBOOTABLE G3 Desktop Beige

    Hello everyone, Picked up today for 10$ a "Apple Power Macintosh G3 300 Desktop". The Guy told me it had some kind of dual boot and had OS X and OS 9 and that it was running everything well so far. The machine has the following specs: 300mhz cpu 2x64MB and 1x 128MB RAM=256MB ATI Rage 128 with...
  5. bobesch

    os9/late-OSX - no file-sharing via AFP !?

    Inspired by the dicussion about the end of the Dropbox-Client for PPC I tried to establish file-sharing not only for my Tiger/Leopard-PPCs but also for os9. Connectivity with Tiger/Leopard(PPC) and late OSX (ElCap) works fine and is easy to establish. But it took me a while to find out, how...
  6. bobesch

    Resolved iMac G3 with SATA-IDE-adapter doesn't boot into Mac OS9

    Hi there. Need some help about MacOS9. I've installed a 120GB SSD with SATA2IDE adapter into one of my 400MHz iMacG3 DV. Via TargetDiskMode (from a G4/Tiger-PPC) I've created 3 partitions: 1) 10GB (for os9) 2) 40GB (for Tiger), 3) Rest (for data). Drivers for OS9 included during partitioning the...
  7. bobesch

    Streaming internet-radio on PPC (os9/OS X)

    Last night I discovered, that all my internet-radio streaming links were broken and didn't work with iTunes 10 on my 12" PowerBook anymore. Searching for another web-radio streaming app I was lucky to find "FStream". You will find the latest version to work with PPC/Leopard&Tiger via Wayback...
  8. E

    Old School - PowerBook G4 question

    Hi everyone. Was wondering if someone might be able to help me with this. Here's my dilemma. I have a TiBook G4,15", 1GHz, 1 MB L3 cache, 1GB SDRAM. It boots in OS 10.4 and I've kept it around because it also runs OS9 in Classic mode so I can use a ton of docs created in PageMaker 6.5. Last...
  9. T

    G4 wont Boot

    Hi everybody, I've got a powermac g4 which has installed OS9. 2(.2?) and OS X on the Same Volume. Unfortunetely, osx wont Boot and just shows up UniNEnet putToSleep - disabled Cell clock in the Unix shell. Also, booting from a OSX cd does not work for some reason. Can someone tell me how to...
  10. AmazingHenry

    This Forum on Classilla

    I saw in another thread that this forum could be used with Classilla. Tried on my Clamshell (with Panther) and got an error about the encryption. I'm going directly to forums.macrumors.com as @bunnspecial said in that other thread. Any ideas? Thanks, Henry