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  1. T

    Triple Boot OSX/OS9/Linux

    I am looking to triple boot my Titanium G4 with OSX, OS9 and Linux... I have a few questions. 1. Should I partition the drive into 3 separate partitions. Or should there be only 2 (1 for OSX/OS9 side by side and 1 for Linux) 2. I have ISO files of all the OS I want to use I assume I can still...
  2. H

    Max drive size on G3 iBook with mSata adapter

    I am in the process of refurbishing a 900MHz G3 iBook. Unfortunately (and expectedly) the hard drive is dead. My main use for the machine will be making lossless CD rips, so I'd ideally like to add a large 512GB drive using an IDE -> mSATA adapter. Due to the lack of ALAC/FLAC support under OS9...
  3. N

    Io9 install

    Hello friends, I was wondering if i can install os9 on MacBook, yes new one like parallel. Actually I have some files from os9 which I want to read some data and I don't have anything to read it. if someone has some pointer, please share with me. Thanks
  4. Mohamed Said

    Finally, I finished work on code of the first version of my internet suite

    Finally, I finished work on code of the first version of my internet suite (Millennium 0.1a). What's new? 1- Show tabs bar, when one tab opened or more. (as default) 2- Navigator save visited pages, up to 30 days. (as default) source code...
  5. T

    Which browser for an iMac G3 on OS9?

    Hi, I have an old (2000 ish) iMac G3 which my good lady used to use on a dialup basis. I fired it up, the machine runs fine. I plugged in an Ethernet cable, my router sees the iMac and gives it an IP address from its DHCP pool I can ping the iMac from other devices on my home network, so far...
  6. sayhellotomacintosh

    Dual boot iMac G3

    I have an iMac G3 (it’s the original Bondi Blue, confirmed with serial number) that is currently running Mac OS 9.0.4. It has a 4 GB hard drive. .25 GB (around 250 MB) is currently filled, leaving 3.75 GB free. I would like to partition the drive as to run Mac OS X 10.1 Puma on one partition...
  7. bobesch

    Resolved "BassJumped" PowerBook and Clamshell (os9)

    The BassJump-subwoofer is one of my favorite and most used gadgets for all kind of intel-MacBooks. It's driver-software basicly combines internal speakers with the USB-subwoofer. Sitting in front of a MacBookPro gives you a nice stereo-audio experience with that combination of internal speakers...
  8. bobesch

    FileSharing/ScreenSharing between os9 and intel-Macs

    Basically the idea to start this thread came from here ... PS: Many thanks to all fellow MR-PPC-Forum members - without their genius help and advice things wouldn't have got so far by now --- I'd like to use...
  9. E

    UNBOOTABLE G3 Desktop Beige

    Hello everyone, Picked up today for 10$ a "Apple Power Macintosh G3 300 Desktop". The Guy told me it had some kind of dual boot and had OS X and OS 9 and that it was running everything well so far. The machine has the following specs: 300mhz cpu 2x64MB and 1x 128MB RAM=256MB ATI Rage 128 with...
  10. bobesch

    os9/late-OSX - no file-sharing via AFP !?

    Inspired by the dicussion about the end of the Dropbox-Client for PPC I tried to establish file-sharing not only for my Tiger/Leopard-PPCs but also for os9. Connectivity with Tiger/Leopard(PPC) and late OSX (ElCap) works fine and is easy to establish. But it took me a while to find out, how...
  11. bobesch

    Resolved iMac G3 with SATA-IDE-adapter doesn't boot into Mac OS9

    Hi there. Need some help about MacOS9. I've installed a 120GB SSD with SATA2IDE adapter into one of my 400MHz iMacG3 DV. Via TargetDiskMode (from a G4/Tiger-PPC) I've created 3 partitions: 1) 10GB (for os9) 2) 40GB (for Tiger), 3) Rest (for data). Drivers for OS9 included during partitioning the...
  12. bobesch

    Streaming internet-radio on PPC (os9/OS X)

    Last night I discovered, that all my internet-radio streaming links were broken and didn't work with iTunes 10 on my 12" PowerBook anymore. Searching for another web-radio streaming app I was lucky to find "FStream". You will find the latest version to work with PPC/Leopard&Tiger via Wayback...
  13. E

    Old School - PowerBook G4 question

    Hi everyone. Was wondering if someone might be able to help me with this. Here's my dilemma. I have a TiBook G4,15", 1GHz, 1 MB L3 cache, 1GB SDRAM. It boots in OS 10.4 and I've kept it around because it also runs OS9 in Classic mode so I can use a ton of docs created in PageMaker 6.5. Last...
  14. T

    G4 wont Boot

    Hi everybody, I've got a powermac g4 which has installed OS9. 2(.2?) and OS X on the Same Volume. Unfortunetely, osx wont Boot and just shows up UniNEnet putToSleep - disabled Cell clock in the Unix shell. Also, booting from a OSX cd does not work for some reason. Can someone tell me how to...
  15. AmazingHenry

    This Forum on Classilla

    I saw in another thread that this forum could be used with Classilla. Tried on my Clamshell (with Panther) and got an error about the encryption. I'm going directly to as @bunnspecial said in that other thread. Any ideas? Thanks, Henry