power mac g4 cube

  1. O

    Connecting to Internet on Power Mac g4 Cube

    I've recently been given a Power Mac g4 Cube. Can i connect to internet with an ether cable. And if so how? In advance Philip Ogley
  2. Akanthos

    G4 Cube Sonnet 1.8 GHz no speed showing!

    Hi everyone, I use a Power Mac G4 Cube, 1.8 GHz. It has a Sonnet CPU upgrade. I powered up the computer this afternoon and used the system profiler. There is this strange thing: It shows that the processor is a 0 MHz PowerPC G4. I restarted the machine, but nothing changed. I wanted to...
  3. didius

    SSD in a G4 cube? Here's a bracket!

    I want to upgrade my G4 cube and put a SSD drive in it. Fitting the drive and it's SATA-IDE adapter isn't that easy because of the Cube's compactness. Which led me to design a bracket, download it on thingiverse ;). It fit's the cube nicely, both bottom and topbracket. PS: I also made an...
  4. M

    Da Cube

    Do you have one of the best looking Apple failures of all time--The PowerMac G4 Cube? And looking at the old videos for it, I am now believing it's the Ashtray Mac Pro before it was ever a thought in Apple's eye. They just pop out of their cases so easily.
  5. Johnny365

    G4 Cube Mystery Video Card Qs

    What video card is this from the pic alone? I don't think it's an ATI Rage 128 Pro only because there is an icon in the middle and the ones on Ebay are on the outside edges of each plug. It's definitely an ATI Radeon card, sort of looks like the 9000 series, but this one appears to be DVI/VGA.
  6. JRDN

    Requesting help finding a G4 Cube part

    Hey all! I'm working on a G4 cube and I want to swap out a different processor. I can't seem to find this square metal block and metal clip that sits on top of the processor daughter card. This is an image I found from this forum from a year ago. Thanks!
  7. bunnspecial

    Rare PowerPC Video Card

    Since buying my first Cube, I've been looking for ways to push the performance of them within the original design parameters. As folks who have worked on Cubes know, the selection of video cards that will physically fit without modifications to either the card or the computer is quite limited...
  8. cosmichobo

    Cube + Airport Extreme Base Station = ?

    G'day, I recently picked up a G4 Cube (originally 450MHz, but now using a 1.5Ghz upgrade card), which has an original Airport card installed. The Cube is running OS 10.5.8, has 1.5GB RAM. Initially, the system did not see any wifi network, despite 2 originating from just a few metres away -...
  9. F

    The Ultimate G4 Cube

    Hey guys, I am writing this from Turkey. I am about to buy a G4 Cube and want to make an Ultimate 9.2.2 machine with it. What's the highest GFX, CPU, and RAM updates? I found a CPU upgrade on Ebay that says 1.8, is it a good one?
  10. Akanthos

    G4 Cube Processor Upgrade & GPU upgrade (Display Results)

    Hello, i have a Power Mac G4 Cube, upgraded to G4 1,2 GHz, 1,5 GB RAM and to GeForce 6200 graphics card. The results from the GPU upgrade are not so noticeable. It shows enough speed increase in OS X Leopard (desktop window opening, web browser etc), but not at all in video media playing. I...
  11. cosmichobo

    Cube as HTPC? (720p?)

    G'day, Can a Cube be used as a HTPC, capable of (nicely, happily) running 720p video (or higher)? What mods are required to do so? Cheers cosmic
  12. Gamer9430


    FINALLY! One of my most desired macs that I still did not own has finally found its way to me. Today, I won a bid on a cube for the amazing price of $32 +$23 shipping, so for $55 I got a 450MHz Cube without the PSU. I'm still looking for a PSU (preferably cheap), but have come up expensive so...
  13. mode11

    XFX 6200 in G4 Cube - wake issues

    Hi everyone, I have an upgraded G4 Cube with a (tower) Sonnet 1.2GHz 7455 CPU, a 200GB / 7200rpm Seagate HDD and 1.5GB RAM, and recently upgraded the graphics card to an XFX 6200 'WANG'. It has the black PCB and seems to be the recommended 6200 upgrade. I also tracked down and fitted the...
  14. JRDN

    Speedy G4 Cube 1.8ghz Sonnet card

    Hey guys, going along with my other post I wanted to share my Gem of a find. A 1.8ghz Sonnet card in the original box Nowhere to be found is its compatibility for the Cube. The highest clock I've seen from them is a 1.6ghz card. From what I found this card wasn't compatible because of power...