Apple Card Rolling Out Today to Limited Number of Customers

Moolah Poobah

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Aug 6, 2019
Pass. There is no compelling reason for me to bite on the :apple:Card, as my Citi DoubleCash card (which is a MasterCard WorldElite card) gives me 2% cash back for *everything*.
You’re exactly right. I understand Apple’s need to diversify their income stream and applaud them for doing so but the Apple Card, based upon its own merits, is at best mediocre compared to its competition in the marketplace.
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Jun 12, 2012
Why? Like any other account with changeable numbers, the refund goes to your account when they credit it, even if the number is no longer in use.
Sorry, exchanges is what I should have said. A lot of times exchanges are a refund/charge again process. They cannot charge the card again. This happens with Apple Pay too.


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Aug 6, 2019
New Jersey, USA
Amazing, thanks! Got an email or just applied via wallet directly?
Just applied via the wallet directly. I signed up to be notified day one but never received an email. My apple ID may have been flagged to eventually receive the email. A coworker of mine tried the same method and he did not have the option in the wallet app.


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Mar 17, 2011
"""I got to hold the card itself and it is very nice, although it is fairly thick and felt a little bit heavier than the typical metal credit card.""

Hmmmm... I wonder what a 'typical' metal credit card must feel like?
Like a shiv, if you take the edge of it to a bench grinder.

Personally I was not paying any attention to the Apple Card until i realized this would probably be a good first card for my kid, who is starting college this fall.


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Mar 23, 2012
The advantage of the Apple Card is 3% on Apple items so that is an extra 1% over the Citi DoubleCash card. I'll use the Apple Card for Apple stuff and get a bit of an extra percent.

I, too, liked the DoubleCash but just switched (May 2019) to the Bank of America rewards card which is 2.625% on everything and up to 5.25% on some things (travel, food etc). For things like estimated tax payments (or anything else) which has a 1.89%-2% convenience fee, that extra .625%+ makes a nice bonus.
I get the 3% but just don’t purchase from Apple hardly. Because your paying full price usually. And other retailers save you much more with better cc rewards. It’s not a great card for most.

I also see people wondering if Apple will do promo zero percent offers. Just keep in mind if they do then you’re basically not able to use it for any new purchases while it’s being paid off or you’ll pay interest.
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Aug 6, 2019
Just applied via the wallet directly. I signed up to be notified day one but never received an email. My apple ID may have been flagged to eventually receive the email. A coworker of mine tried the same method and he did not have the option in the wallet app.
Sounds good, thanks for the explanation. I guess it’s random, I also signed up few minutes after it came online back then. Hopefully they will indeed reach out to me soon, as the wallet app says


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Jan 27, 2013
I have the same screen available on my ios 13 beta but then if you press to add Apple Card, they tell you that it is not yet available and they will notify with push notification. So kind of false alarm lol
Haha well you are doing better than me. I can't see that screen at all.


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Aug 6, 2007
with borrowing and savings interest rates so low for so long, why do credit card interest rates have to still be so high? 13-24% (or worse). Someone is making a lot of money on people who run a balance.


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Sep 30, 2014
I guess the only compelling reason would be the interface and the fact that your 2% cash back is available to spend instantly in Apple Pay.
Well... 3% on apple stuff is another reason. If you buy a couple of computers and/or iPhones per year that's an incentive.


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Mar 23, 2012
with borrowing and savings interest rates so low for so long, why do credit card interest rates have to still be so high? 13-24% (or worse). Someone is making a lot of money on people who run a balance.
Why do you think they’re promoting no fees? They know the clueless will pay more interest.


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Sep 12, 2017
Sunnyvale, CA
it's 3% for apple store purchases and apple app purchases and in app purchases.
Yeah, that was my point. I was replying to OP’s statement that there was no reason to bother with the Apple Card when his Citi gave him 2% on “everything”. Since he only gets 2% for Apple purchases, he’s leaving money on the table.


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Oct 20, 2011
Austin, TX
lord. why are there so many people here still beating it into us that there are better cards out there? hey, we already know this. we know about the citicash rewards card, we know about the extra year warranty on cards like the chase saphire card, we. know. these. things.

so why the hell are you beating it into us? people like myself, dont give a rats @$$ about that. i'm not one of those credit card owners that does all this research to find the credit card that gives me THE MOST cashback or the most miles evar! i'm pretty simple, i have a credit score over 800, and i love my apple ecosystem. I already have a credit card with my bank, i have a great high credit limit with them since i've had the card since 2001. Will i be closing that card for the apple card? hell no. even with my great credit score, they aren't going to give me the same credit limit that i have with my bank.

this card is getting so much hate from the 'credit card god users' out here and for what? how are you benefiting from said attacks on the apple card? this card will be used by many, this card will be appreciated by many, this card will help many with their credit. just like your cards did for you. so why are you crying over who gets this card?

this card has been bashed so hard by so many on youtube and on here, but really, when you think about it this a perfect starter card. for who? i'm so glad you asked. those entering college! because teens are dumb pricks who dont understand how a credit card works even AFTER you explain it to them. they are trying to maintain a social life whilst learning how to maneuver around college and learn how to balance their credit. with all that, you know they'll be late with making payments and look at that, no late fees! college students who own an iphone should and probably will be eating up this card if they know about all the bonuses they will be getting.

the extras that draw college students, or heck, even high school students whose parents want them to learn and build credit are huge. no late fees, for the average white guy, which i'm sure they must come from money right? so they travel a lot with their fam, boom! no foreign transaction fees. another bonus when they decide to go to a family vacay to europe or south africa or japan. dem white boys, so rich >.>

but those perks also interest people like me, i've been traveling a lot more. i've been to Japan and Canada in about a years time and i'm returning back to japan this upcoming february. so the apple card will be used heavily there for me. no foreign transaction fees! mind you, my banks credit card already gave me that, so why is apple card better in this reguard? well because i get same day cash back for every single time i use apple pay. another perk for people like me, and for the teens in high school and college. sure it's cents, pennies. but that balance remains in your apple cash wallet. with it there you can send it to friends whom you owe money to, or you can transfer that balance to your bank account or help pay a little bit of your credit card balance. with ease!

the other bonus i just thought up of is how to pay the card. say your a citibank user, you have a citibank checking account, but you have a bank of america credit card, because you like their perks (i know it doesn't make sense but just listen). how do you typically pay your bank of america credit card with your citibank checking account? well you have to set it up via billpay right? enter the routing and checking number on your credit card payment section, twice, enter your name, confirm it all etc. well with apple card, those steps are pretty much done for you if you've been using apple cash for some time now. why? it already has your checking account info, so when you pay your apple card balance, you just choose your bank account to transfer funds from when you pay. theres a video on it at apple's youtube page and that is so much easier to pay the card off.

i could probably keep going a bit more but i'll stop here. this is why we want the card. hearing you guys keep throwing in our faces how citi or chase are better for rewards, is kinda dumb and annoying. we dont really care about those things too much. we love the daily cashback, the ease of making payments, the fact that we can see how much interest is being paid when we select how much we want to pay each week or each month, the security of the card having no credit card numbers on the back of the physical card, the disposable credit card numbers we can generate at will, the integration of apple maps with where we made said purchases, etc. this is why we want the apple card, so please, shut the front door already about how your card is better. your just annoying as frak.



by everyone who doesn't care about YOUR card.
See, the thing is, it's a credit card. It's not like a computer or a phone. It's a lot more serious. It's closer to PRSI. Expect opinions differing from your own.