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Jan 28, 2014
Beverly Hills, CA
Hi all,

Thought I'd share this bit of info regarding both Verizon LTE connectivity issues and the charging nonsense when XS Max is idle.

Whilst I originally thought my unit was flawless, I realized that I was affected by both issues I mentioned above and have been debated here and beyond for days--spending my time mostly on wifi and wirelessly charging at night, it only came to light later on. I would also experience weird service--the signal strength would go up and down from 5 bars to 1 up to 3 and back down to none to back up to 4 or 5 fairly consistently, without even touching the phone. I'd still get service but some pages online would load-up improperly on LTE, if at all which was never the case on previous iPhones with the same plan and provider. I could also barely stream music in my car via CarPlay--which I thought had to do with my toggling 'high quality streaming' under music settings/cellular. Again, this toggle was triggered on my iPhone X for an entire year with no issue.

Spoke with Apple Care yesterday expecting them to ask me install the remote profile to log how the phone speaks to the Verizon antennas, but they had one request beforehand--that I should DFU the phone.

I plugged it to iTunes, entered DFU mode, restored it which erased everything, installed a clean version of iOS and set-up as a new phone to not carry over a potential glitch from a bad back-up--everything has been working just fine since. It literally fixed everything. I'm not too sure why or how, but this makes me feel like this is indeed software related--and perhaps why not all users are affected if all iPhones have the same Intel chipset inside. I'm getting upwards of 90 Mbps. in Los Angeles for download speeds and 60 Mbps. for uploads--it's almost on par with my home internet service and legit 3 times what I had on my iPhone X. I was never able to use my iPhone X at work (concrete and steel building in a poor coverage area) and whilst the signal strength has not visibly changed (I still see a single bar when I'm in the office), I am able to make and receive calls without wifi-calling. Again, this was never the case before.

As far as the charging goes, it just works--I plug it in when the screen is black and charging begins a second later.

Perhaps everyone affected should try a DFU/set-up as new before returning anything to a store--if it's worked here, it might very well work for you guys.

Hope this helps!


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Nov 6, 2014
People have tried this and have had no luck. It’s good that it worked for you though. People have even received replacements that had the same issues.


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Aug 15, 2011
I tried this with my Max and no luck here, either. The LTE and wi-fi problems were just as bad as before.
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