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    Numerous threads in several topics refer to problems with using Airplay to send audio to the Homepod - in particular the problem of the audio being out of sync with the video. This thread tries to consolidate this information - please add your experiences to it.

    Hopefully Airplay2 will address this issue. Otherwise a method of manually adjusting delays for video/audio to improve lip-sync would be useful.

    Airplay from a Mac to Homepod

    iTunes films with video on the Mac screen - OK
    iTunes films with video output to an HDMI device - Marginal
    EyeTV with video on the screen - Unwatchable!

    Airplay from an AppleTV to Homepod

    Films/Movies - Good
    Computer films (Homeplay) - Good
    Netflix - Good
    DVDLink (live TV streaming) - Poor
    Youtube ?
    Stan ?

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