Hundreds of photos gone after restoring from iTunes backup

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    Apr 18, 2018
    Hey guys,

    Yesterday I decided to restore my iPhone 5s from iTunes backup because I barely had any free space left on my phone and whenever I did this procedure it freed up atleast a few GB of space on my phone. So I made a normal iTunes backup on my PC, wiped the iPhone once the backup finished and then restored it from the backup.

    I did this many times and never came across any problems but this time I noticed that after restoring the iPhone, hundreds of photos seemingly disappeared. The photos were definitely still there when I made the backup, maybe I accidentally told it not to backup the photos on my iPhone though if that is even possible? I also noticed that some of my photo albums, for example the screenshot album are nowhere to be found. Hundreds of my photos from 2016-2018 are gone,now the latest photos on my phone are from 2 weeks ago.

    Is there any way I can get those photos back? Some of them were really important memories to me and I really can't imagine losing them.

    EDIT: If it helps,it seems that all the photos that are left on my phone are the ones that were sent to me/that I sent to someone. Most photos that I took with the camera or screenshots are gone.
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    There are apps that claim to be able to restore items that may have been deleted or removed from your iPhone. However, when you restored from backup there's always the chance that those photos may have been overwritten.
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    Give it some time. It could take a few days to sync with your iCloud Photo Library. Make sure that’s turned on in iCloud settings, by the way.

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