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Feb 16, 2016
Hello everyone,

I am just writing because I am not quite sure what it's happening with my phone. I've never had a Computer so I don't have an iTunes account. I stopped using the iphone for while since I dropped it and it started to present some problems. However, one of these days I tried to make it work again but I couldn't remember its passcode. So I kept trying until my Iphone was inactive.

Now I am trying to unlock but it seems impossible to do it. I've already done what apple's website advices: reset the phone (home button + screen lock) until it gets to the Recovery Mode and then click Restore on the computer. I did that with a friend's Computer, but even when I restore and update it, it doesn't do anything and my screen remains locked and my phone Inactive.

Does anyone know what I should do?

I appreciate.


Oct 12, 2014
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
IF you have a proof of purchase, Apple will solve your problem.
(I am always amazed at the variety of this "first-day-member-stories-of-help-me-recover-my-phone").

Not if he forgot the current passcode. He is forced to wipe the phone.

Not even Apple can access his old forgotten passcode, that's kinda the whole reason why the whole FBI court order is happening. If Apple had access to people's passcode they would have provided it to the FBI on the iPhone 5c in that case.
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