Next Generation iPhone to Use 5-Megapixel Camera?


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Apr 12, 2001

Chosun reports (via AppleInsider) that Apple's next generation iPhone will use a 5-megapixel camera provided by LG Innotek.
The electronics component maker began producing the sophisticated cameras at its plant in Gumi this month and will mass produce them starting in the second half of this year.
The current iPhone 3GS offers only a 3-megapixel camera at this time. There had been earlier rumors in 2009 also placing a 5-megapixel camera in the next iPhone, but those rumors pinpointed a different supplier.

Apple is expected to unveil the next iPhone at WWDC in June.

Article Link: Next Generation iPhone to Use 5-Megapixel Camera?


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May 7, 2007
This camera upgrade should allow me to to take some higher quality and more detailed videos of my Fishing adventures!


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Dec 10, 2008
I am not surprise that they coming out 5 megapixel camera iPhone this year... But I will be more surprise if they come out a 3.2MP or 8MP version.... :D


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Jul 23, 2009
If it has the ability to take HD video the iPhone is going to take a big chunk of the pocket cam market. Cisco will have a heart attack.


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Sep 24, 2007
Vancouver, Canada
I hope the quality is as good as the Nokia N8s video as shown on other gadget sites today :D. It most likely won't be, but the usability is what's going to set the iPhone apart again. Apple products may not have the highest specs, but the software experience is always top notch (...for the most part; the hardware QA is another story).


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May 29, 2003
Interesting, I hope it is a vast improvement over current cell cameras.

5 megapixels doesn't mean much honestly. The quality of the sensor and the optics will determine if the upgrade is worthwhile. That being said the possibility of a significantly better camera is there.

In any event the rumors seem to indicate a very interesting and compelling next gen iPhone.


Scarlet Fever

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Jul 22, 2005
Before we start slamming Apple for not putting a 12MP sensor in the next iPhone, I think we need to have a read of this article; The Megapixel Myth

in short; 2 megapixels is MORE than enough. More generally DEGRADES image quality.

Probably somewhere between 1-3, as a guess.
If the video stream is at standard VGA resolution (640x480) then it will be 0.3 MP. A 3MP video stream would be almost big enough to fill the display of the 27" iMac. 2MP would be full HD. 1MP would fill a 13" MacBook display.


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Sep 29, 2007
Las Vegas
I have such low expectations for cell phone cameras. I would assume that those of you with 3GS phones have a better experience.


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Mar 12, 2007
Better yet, give us a slider, in software, to allow us to adjust exposure. I know you can tap on a dark area to increase the exposure or tap a light area to bring the exposure down, but the exposure level doesn't stay put long enough to get the shot as desired in many cases.

::and Scarlet Fever is right on.
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