PleaseHelp!...MBPr Black screen/chime heard/no response to various booting options

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by JMMP321, Jan 7, 2016.

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    Jan 7, 2016
    Please advise if you think it could be the logic board/harddrive/SATA cable or another issue. Thanks in advance!

    MacBook Pro Retina 13" (Late 2013)
    Model A1502
    500gb SSD

    Bought Nov 5th 2013 from Apple Store Sydney Australia

    Live in Uk

    Not under Apple care warranty

    Crash occurred 4th Jan2016 approx 12:30

    When transferring video files to external hard drive and virus scan running;
    Mac book became unresponsive to any actions for a few hours except jittery cursor movements every ten minutes

    After leaving Mac for an hour and no actions available I decided to hold down the power putting to force shut down.

    After it came back on the screen was black. When left for half an hour a folder and question mark sign came up flashing. Being unable to take action I force shutdown the MacBook.

    Since then :

    Upon turning on Display turns on but it is a plain Black screen - no image visible even under flashlight.

    Startup chime is heard

    Apple logo is illuminated on laptop cover

    Caps lock button does not light up

    Display adjust buttons have no effect

    Tried to start In safe mode and disk utility mode but command did not work
    Did work and display is not functioning


    PRAM? reset successfully (two chimes heard) but no boot up following this

    SMC reset successfully - power indicator on lead turned green momentarily.


    Phoned Apple, they reckon it is a hardware issue from over the phone troubleshooting


    Update also plugged in two bootable USB devices and an external screen. But no success. Also won't allow target disk mode

    Booked Genius Bar appointment to see if they can diagnose the fault.
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