Well Chris Pirillo Absolutely Roasts the X's UI

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dallas112678, Sep 13, 2017.

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    Limit the numbers and it wont be a flop. And you can say it sold out in record time - to appease the stockholders.
  2. bufffilm, Sep 14, 2017
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    Let me start off by saying prior to this thread, I had never heard of Chris Pirillo.

    Moving to the next point...yes, the points he raised are valid.

    Will Apple fix this in any follow-up design next year? I hope so.

    Mitigate the problem by holding the phone (with the ears on the left side) if you are using it in landscape mode.

    I greatly disliking bringing up "how Steve Jobs would have handled it" threads, but I would agree on this one and say the iPhone X would not have passed muster as it stands...if Steve was alive now.

    Another thing Chris was right about also...it's a different Apple now, too.
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    Stockholders care about numbers. At some point Apple will have to report sales, revenue and average selling price. Can’t fudge those numbers.
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    Web surfing with the notch so funny. lol @ 17 minutes mark
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    For all of you that are extremely unhappy with the X: Please protest with your wallet. Apple does not care what you or I think otherwise. And expecting them to “relate to the people” is never going to happen. They are a for profit company. Hit their bottom line and then maybe you’ll get their attention. What I know to be true from the past that’s the most pathetic, is that a large percentage of the people complaining in here will be the first in line with their credit cards in hand. Don’t expect to see the change that everyone’s clamoring about while this is still taking place.
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    I’m sorry that’s just BS. This Face ID tech is not something just cobbled together last minute because they couldn’t get Touch ID embedded in the display. John Gruber confirmed that Apple has been all in on Face ID as Touch ID replacement for over a year now. I love Touch ID but the tech behind Face ID will have much wider applications than a fingerprint sensor does. It’s possible Apple was aiming for both for 2FA but I’d be very surprised if a fingerprint sensor ever comes to the X.I think Apple has moved on.

    What’s the point of removing bezels if they just get replaced with software bezels?
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    Well put. Curious - where did Gruber mention that bit about Face ID? I must have missed it.
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    Yep, vote with your wallet...or lack, there-of.

    I wasn't going to buy the ipX anyway.

    Even with reduced bezels, it's a little bigger than what I would have liked for one-handed use and this thread just adds more cons to the list.
  10. ChrisPirillo, Sep 14, 2017
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    1. I know I'm largely irrelevant, annoying, and in need of video editing skills. Let's just get that out of the way, shall we? Remove me from the equation, please. I'm a relative nobody. This isn't about ego. Don't talk about me. Talk about THIS. Please. I'm not getting paid for this. I just want products that I want, not products that I'm told to want.
    2. I'm actively pushing the conversation around iPhone X forward because it seems that NO OTHER APPLE / TECH MEDIA OUTLET OR PUNDIT IS GIVING IT THE ATTENTION IT DESERVES. All I see are nerds falling over themselves over this spec and that spec while glossing over the glaring issues that can't be mitigated so easily in software. And, keep in mind...
    3. A product from Apple is perceivably more than just a single piece of hardware - it's hardware that works well with well-implemented software (design, features) inside a seamless ecosystem of experiences to create a cohesive (well polished, well executed) experience in an archipelago of devices. If you remove usability from the equation in any of them, the ecosystem breaks. If you remove beautiful, intelligible software design from any of them, the reason you were probably were drawn to Apple in the first place is moot. Without a cohesive user experience (UX) you have a completely worthless piece of hardware.
    4. Solid hardware running on poorly-optimized software is a product that "the others" get made fun of for making. Specs, in this sense, become irrelevant. User Experience (UX) isn't a feature you can easily document in marketing materials. You can have the world's fastest unusable device for bragging rights, I suppose?
    5. We didn't just get this iPhone X nightmare overnight. Apple has been directionless with software design since the first beta of iOS 7. It never gets better with revisions. It never gets addressed with revisions. We just see more features piled on top of as-of-yet-polished features. The result is a cacophony of well-documented slop (misaligned elements, dropped frames in scrolls, unpolished animations, et al). DO NOT EXPECT APPLE TO FIX THIS IN SOFTWARE.
    6. This is not a tempest in a teapot - this is intended to be Apple's new direction. If that doesn't wake you up, then I'm not so sure you're someone who appreciates what a good user interface or user experience can be. Certainly, the UI & UX experts I've been following for some time recognize this as a train wreck for 'n' reasons. Unless they're so invested in their belief in what Apple once was that they can't see that this emperor has no clothes.
    7. If Apple is pushing the notch (as seen in their developer documentation) as a key visible differentiator, then they're suggesting that UX and UI are taking a back seat to visuals that serve no purpose in the device's function. They key differentiator between an iPhone and a not-iPhone has not been the hardware so much as it has been the software. App developers can only do what they do because Apple created a foundation suitable for them.
    8. Developers are going to catch hell for this, not Apple. They're going to see the complaints, not Apple. You can only mitigate the brackish nature of "the notch" only so much. You can't hide it in every app with Apple's intended approach to the problem that they created. Then, even if you do, there's the software-rendered, center-bottom swipe indicator that may still be ever-present.
    9. You're using a "full screen" iPhone that doesn't truly give you the full screen.
    10. Apple's coasting on cultural laurels in the hopes that people will just learn to love it... just like Sinofsky felt about Windows 8. Mind you, I did my best to warn people about that UX disaster with a video on the first Consumer Preview Edition (with my dad, somewhat famously, trying to use it for the first time). Apple is using the memory of Steve Jobs on this anniversary to further push a vision that is fundamentally antithetical to Steve's memory.
    11. It is not a question of whether or not the iPhone X will flop. In fact, it probably won't. People don't know what they want, and they're accustomed to good experiences from Apple. Instead, iPhone X is a flop by design. Just because more people buy it doesn't mean that it was a well done product. Popularity is never an indicator of quality.
    12. This is not a matter of having a wait-and-see approach. If you can't see what is clearly visible in Apple's very own demos and documentation before having the device in-hand, there's no hope. This is a fundamental matter of usability outright - this is not a question. The OLED screen will be amazing, and amazingly stunted by an unsymmetrical inclusion. Even in portrait mode, it stands out (as does the lower software pill) - and not in a good way.
    13. Don't justify your decision to buy the iPhone X by minimizing its glaring oversights or dismissing absolutes. You're not doing yourself any favors. If you accept this simply because it's what Apple has made for you, then you're not doing yourself any favors. You deserve a better product from Apple. Listen to the people who are trying to make it better FOR you. Demand it when you plunk down YOUR money on ANYTHING.
    14. Let me put it to you this way: if you thought the camera lens bump was an issue, or that the lack of a headphone jack was a problem, then this is magnitudes worse. You can ignore the bump, you can ignore the lack of a port, but you simply cannot ignore the screen, software design, or usability.
    15. I've wasted so much of my time, energy, and patience on these matters - and I'm the least qualified person to be pushing back in the first place. The iPhone X is not a usable device by nature. This is not a product worthy of the Apple logo. I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm frustrated, and I'm tired of the excuses that media or community provides simply because they want continued access to Apple. I will never be invited to speak with someone. I will never be invited to help make these products better. I will never be welcomed by those whose livelihoods depend on me believing in a vision that I find lacking.
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    Mar 7, 2017

    I noticed you wearing an Apple Watch and sitting in front of what appeared to be a debranded iMac in your video. I just have one question. Are you an otherwise happy Apple customer?
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    People literally begged for a no-bezels phone and now that Apple has given them one they start demanding black-bars. Humans tend to find happiness I guess in the things that they don't have. When they get what they want, they immediately want something else.

    This Pirillo guy created a 40 minute video where in the 8 minutes that I've seen (from 17:00 to 25:00) he repeats the same thing over and over again. Why he has 340k subscribers is beyond me.

    The notch is not ideal but it's the compromise for a no-bezels phone. Software can be fixed and most probably will in the near future but the notch will be there so try to get used to it. If you can't, then return it and buy something else. The iPhone 8 or other flagship Android phones are amazing phones and guess what, they don't have a notch.
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    Even with Touch ID under the screen, we would still likely have a notch. I don't think that aspect would have changed as the camera's need to go somewhere.
  14. NiCk- macrumors regular

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    If it's really you, then you are not angry about the iPhone X, but about the lack of recognition. It's fairly obvious I guess.
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    "Notch" vs. "ears." It's like the "do you see two profiles or an urn" optical illusion/graphic.

    What I see is a decision to use every bit of available space. "Since the sensors do not require the entire width of the display, let's push the display up into the vacant spaces and make practical use of it." If they hadn't done this, the carrier bars, time, battery indicator, etc. would steal space from the main display area, as they do on any device with a rectangular screen.

    So, effectively this was a choice between symmetry and function. I know I don't care as much about visuals as some (and care more about them than others) - I generally don't like it when aesthetics interfere with function. I'd rather form follow function than the other way around. Of course, "perfect" integration of aesthetics and function is a thing of beauty (whatever "perfect" is when you're talking about something as subjective as aesthetics).

    As far as the appearance of the notch for full-screen graphics/wallpaper in landscape... plenty of examples of landscape in Apple's promotional images - no need to speculate as to whether landscape will exist, or how it's implemented.

    The notch in landscape likely wouldn't bother me much when viewing photos, since the aspect ratio of full-frame landscape-orientation photos won't produce that kind of edge-to-edge view - the notch will be surrounded by the Photos app's black borders and will effectively disappear. Unless I'm zooming in on details, I don't want the top and bottom of my images cropped out in order to have full-bleed to the left and right margins. The notch will have an effect when viewing panos, but if I do zoom those to go top edge-to-bottom edge, the left and right sides of the image are still cropped.

    Altogether, it's an aesthetic/functional trade-off. While this thread and the click-bait that spawned it prove that there are people offended by the notch, I'd wager that most of the population won't care a bit. And since Apple has never tried to please everyone, I'm quite sure this model will be able to meet or exceed whatever sales targets Apple set for it.
  16. Nik, Sep 14, 2017
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    Well, it sucks when you got valid points but do not get any recognition. Why else do you think the forums go crazy about Apple nowadays? Everything gets more and more expensive for what benefits exactly? MacBook Pros are a slap into every pro's face, the iPhones have weird design decisions which seem rushed out etc.

    Apple is not the Apple of perfection anymore and it gets more expensive every year. Of course people complain like crazy! Because they care about the products!

    In the meantime Apple tries to milk us more and more and we are locked into a ecosystem. Once people start to switch somewhere else, they are gone for good. I think we may reach that point.
    I am registered on this forum since 2007. People called me a fanboy back then. Today I am a critique, many people are. You know why? Becuase we care!

    We strive for perfection which Apple once delivered.
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    San Diego, California
    Can't developers do something like mass protest of some kind? I'm sure they are affected by this notch to when it comes too the apps they're developing.
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    I hope that 2 things happen:

    1) Tons of larger developers refuse to "embrace" the notch and make the top of their apps black to blend in.

    2) The notch becomes a viral meme and people start blocking out the sides of the videos/pictures to poke fun at Apple.

    That would be hilarious IMO and would hopefully elicit a response from Apple.

    On another note, I really hope there's a setting to make that "home bar" disappear. I know that swiping up from the bottom now takes me home. I don't need to be reminded at all times.
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    what an absolute **** show from apple.

    Steve jobs rolled in his grave after seeing the iphone X and muttered "wish I had left Tim Coc.k selling the sugared water".
  20. NiCk- macrumors regular

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    Well, I've been in this forum for the same period. I still remember the iPhone with the recessed headphone jack, the plastic on the 3G, the antennagate on the 4, the iPhone 5 which only got taller, the camera bump on the 6, the iPhone 7 with the same design and now the notch on the X.

    People love perfection but what they love more is complaining about perfection. Then, they go out and buy them because they are the best products in the market and immediately forget the one thing that they thought it was going to bother them. Or at least 95% of them do. There is of course another 5%, which goes out and buys something else and then starts creating topics with titles such us "Used to be an Apple lover but ..."

    Another proof that you can't satisfy everyone. Personally ?? I'm still satisfied by Apple ;)
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    The latter is a certainty. The iPhone X will attract a level of ridicule never before imagined.
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    Yeah apple will be crying about how crappy their phone is all right, right to the bank lol
  23. Moneoa macrumors regular


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    A moron trying desperately to make his opinions valid. Im sure with all his ideas he can make a better phone and beat apple at its own game
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    Hi Chris,

    Some have questioned who you are and why we should listen. I recall Steve saying something along the lines of “you don’t have to be an expert to recognize something is wrong”.

    I studied UI design in college and much of what you’re saying is spot on. I loved the “padding issues” protest. This is an area that stil hasn’t been fixed and it’s been happening for years. Steve would have killed someone over this. In short, that **** will never be fixed. I expect to always see random alignment issues or objects snapping into place.

    When I first saw the notch I immediately thought of the lack of symmetry. Again, SJ would have gone ballistic.

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