Word document with equations is broken.

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    Christian West

    Jan 31, 2016
    I am currently using Microsoft Word 2011 for mac. I am running OSX Mavericks version 10.9.5.
    The problem is, often when trying to write a maths assignment the pictures and equations jump around in the document, without even clicking on them. I can have a perfect layout, continue to write on the next page, and when i scroll up again, some of the text has disappeared, the images are a mess, and the equations have moved. It might be important to mention that i use the "automatic bullet/number/letter function" (or whatever it is called in english). It looks something like this:

    (Bear over with the language - I'm danish)

    As you see here, the document looks like it should, and most important: the equations are in the middle where they are supposed to be.
    Now look what happens if i move my mouse over the text and scroll down and up again:


    As you can see, the equations have moved:
    And if i try to edit the document this happens:


    Now some of the text is completely gone!
    This is a really huge problem for me since i often write maths assignments and spend hours putting everything into place when I'm done, with the result of it still looking terrible.

    If anybody can think of a solution, it would be much appreciated.

    In advance - thank you :)

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    Have you installed the latest updates to Office 2011? I believe one of the current updates addresses problems with the equation editor. The latest version of Word (Office 2011) is 14.6.0.

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