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apple tv 4

  1. M

    Apple TV Apple TV 4 (HD) Jailbreak or downgrade

    Hi, I hope that I'm in the right forum, but it seems that this is the only one discussion forum for the jailbreaking topic. My ATV 4 is jailbroken with tvOS 14.2 with the Checkra1n Jailbreak. It works fine and my main use for the JB is to prevent the ATV from showing me the unnecessary update...
  2. ohernan6

    Help with Apple TV losing Wi-Fi connection

    Hello, Has anyone ever encountered connectivity issues with their Apple TV and Wi-Fi when the router is placed in an adjacent room? I live in a 1BR apartment and my Apple TV HD (4th Generation) losses connection constantly in my bedroom — Netflix will get extremely pixellated, while other...
  3. ryanis

    YouTube App Broken in The Apple TV 4th Gen

    My Apple TV 4th YouTube app is Broken. The app has worked fine and suddenly a "something went wrong" is showing every time a tried to see a video.
  4. L

    Having problems restoring Apple TV via USB-C cable and iTunes

    Hi, Have tried multiple times now restoring my Apple TV 4 via iTunes and USB-A/C-cable.. Getting this error message: "The Apple TV software update server could not be contacted. The requested source was not found." Also when I option click "Restore Apple TV..." and try uploading a IPSW-file...
  5. marcolin

    Apple TV 3 vs 4 only for Airplay?

    I have this ATV3 that I use in my home office *only* to stream via airplay audio/video to a non-4K TV with a soundbar. typical use is airplaying Spotify or AppleMusic from an iPad or use TV as 3rd monitor for my iMac (2nd monitor via thunderbolt). especially in this latest scenario I often...
  6. Racineur

    Simple question. No problem.

    Hello. I Googled info on this but I found mostly "how to connect ATV". Here it is: I have old stuff the likes of iMac 27 2013 running on Mojave and a 2013 LG 50in HD 1080p. Last November, was about to buy a 4k TV but backed off since there's so less 4k content. Must say my LG is pure delight...
  7. Jay-Jacob

    Apple TV 4 won’t forget my WiFi password

    I have changed my WiFi password and Apple TV 4 keep remembering old password and I went settings app and network and pick current network then forget this network and it just keep spinning spinning doing nothing. I tried pull power plug off and back in and still no different. I need Apple TV...
  8. E

    Apple TV 4th Gen not turning on TV

    My Apple TV 4th Gen no longer turns on my TV with the Siri Remote. All other functions work (turn off, volume). Anyone else have this problem and/or have a solution
  9. wozmatic

    Apple TV (4th Gen) Connected to WiFi but apps won't open (No connection)

    I have even ran the complete reset and did the software update - It says fully up to date. Any ideas on how to fix? --- It's connected to WiFi IP and DNS set to automatic Trying to open YouTube app, no luck Trying to open App Store, no luck And yes it's connected! I...
  10. Imac Sam

    Apps Imovie has been discontinued

    Imovie for the AppleTv has been removed and Discountinued in the App Store. It appears Apple is phasing out Imovie's Theater as well. I am kind of upset because I enjoyed sharing a number of my videos by this service, across multiple Ipads, Phones, Computers, and Apple Tvs. Now I can no...
  11. JuniperJesus

    AppleTV and JBL 3.1 Soundbar Issue

    I have an AppleTV 4th Generation which I have connected to a JBL 3.1 soundbar. The soundbar is connected to the television via the HDMI 1 port with an HDMI ARC cable. The television doesn’t technically say the port is HDMI ARC but the soundbar specifically designates ita first HDMI port as ARC...
  12. seanrt

    iTunes Home Sharing > Apple TV > TV App Up Next

    I really hope someone can help me figure this out. My iTunes library consists of purchased and ripped movies. I’ve noticed recently if I watch a purchased movie or tv episode through the the Computers App using Home Sharing, it will show up in the TV app of the Apple TV Up next section. Exactly...
  13. dfraleys

    apple tv not connecting to internet.

    I am hooking up my late father's Apple TV to his TV at my home. Everything is hooking up fine except the Apple TV says I have the incorrect password for the WI-FI. I'm at a loss, I keep doing the same thing, getting the same results. Any suggestions?
  14. afir93

    HomePod Can you AirPlay audio to a Stereo Homepod pair from Mac by putting an Apple TV in-between?

    Ok so since I don't have an Apple TV myself, I'd like to ask if someone with an Apple TV and two (or even just one) HomePod can confirm whether or not the following is possible. I know that you can stream audio to a Stereo HomePod pair from an Apple TV 4th and 5th generation via AirPlay 2, and...
  15. J

    Superbasic: How do I watch my ripped DVDs on Apple TV

    I have a large collection of DVDs, and divide my time between two cities. I have an Apple TV in each apartment. I've started to rip my DVDs, but what's the best way for me to watch them? I know I can Airplay them to my ATVs, but do most people... add them to iTunes? Somehow transfer them to the...
  16. B

    itv hub on apple tv 4

    Hi Can anyone please help as this is driving me nuts. I bought an apple tv a couple of weeks ago. BBC iplayer, channel 5, eurosport, nowtv, TV player all work fine. But the ITV hub will only play catch up programmes, not live programmes. I select itv 1, 2 3, 4 and i just get the spinning gear...
  17. S

    No Video Sound - Apple TV 4th Gen with Digital Audio Converter

    this might be an edge case, but here goes: My wife loves her old Bose Soundock and with a prior tv it worked great as a sound bar replacement. We got a new tv with no 3.5mm audio out, it is optical only. Problem solved I thought, ordered an analog to digital converter on amazon and worked...
  18. S

    HomePod HomePod , TV and Apple TV

    Hello Folks, I'm quite new to this subject hence I'd like to have your advice on my subject. I want to buy HomePod. I am not interested to use Apple Music. I'm going to use it to stream Radio Station broadcasting from my favorite player TuneIn and I was thinking how else I could utilize HomePod...
  19. 3

    Control Apple Music on Apple TV without tv turned on

    It would be nice if Apple allowed the Apple TV screen content to mirror back to your phone so you could control Apple Music ie. listen to Apple TV via WiFi without using a phone or iPad via airplay. Which drains battery etc. Or if when using airplay for music from iphone and a track is...
  20. drfunk1986

    Apple TV 4th Generation NEED HELP

    Okay so it's been a week, did the most current update from Apple only to have it wipe my system. Tried doin recovery via the troubleshoot method of plugging it into my laptop via usb-c and iTunes but iTunes does not recognize the device. Doesn't even display anything. Does anyone know how I can...