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  1. U

    Is throttling fixed now? (r9 370mx)

    Looking to buy a 15-inch retina macbook pro with the dgpu, but I read so much horrible stuff about GPU and even CPU throttling, there was some indication that this was a driver problem and was fixed in El Capitan but I haven't found any conclusive evidence. Is there anyone that has any recent...
  2. agent_skinner

    MBP Logic Board discrete repairs in US?

    I had a small power surge come through a USB peripheral which more than likely burned the power supply chip on one of my USB ports. From what I've been able to research, a discrete repair of the USB chips is possible and cheaper than replacing the entire board. I've found 1 place overseas that...
  3. H

    Both fans (almost) screwed up

    Starting a month or so ago, my 15" mid-2012 MBP starting making loud whirring noises and I suspected it to be the HDD and made a backup for everything just in case it failed. I decided to take a look for myself inside the Mac and turns out it is one of the fans (the left one) that's making these...
  4. Stollz

    nVidia Web Driver (possible) issue

    First of all, hello to everyone, I've been following the community for quite a while, but never had the need to post before. I have a small issue that I hope someone can help me shed some light on. I own a mid 2010 MCP (i5 2.4GHz, nVidia 330M version) and ever since I upgraded to El Capitan, I...