Can anyone explain how AW works with the LTE plan?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by bonjourx, Sep 18, 2017.

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    ive been reading how everyone is saying that there's a $10 bucks charge monthly plan fee for the series 3, I checked on ATT Site, I can get the Apple Watch 3 using an installment plan for 21 If I'm not mistaken. So is it the installment plan which is $21 bucks monthly plus $10bucks = $31 monthly just to be able to use the watch for the next 20months (since the monthly Watch installment is 20 months) ? Can someone correct me if I'm wrong? Plus whatever plan my phone has that I'm using too? Is that correct? Thanks!
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    I think that they are saying, if you have a compatible phone/data plan now, you can add an LTE AW for $10/mos as a device (any device would get this, it is the cost of using their network). It counts against your device limit. There is often a one time device setup fee, and others, that I -think- they are waving for now. The purchase price of the device is a separate payment ($21)
    Yes. Provided that you already have a compatible phone/data plan in place. You are adding this to THAT plan. The installment plan is essentially a 0% loan. You can pay it off early if you want. I do not know if you can cancel the LTE plan ($10/mos) if you HAVE NOT paid off the installment plan. They may require for the watch to be paid in full before they let you use it in non LTE mode. So for as long as you have the installment plan, they are counting on that $10 device fee instead of loan interest (which is fair in my book)
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    Does that means i can get the Apple Watch LTE (maybe just pay it in full instead of the installment so no more additional $21 or perhaps purchase it in BH PHOTO) then just add the Apple Watch plan so all I have to pay for ATT monthly is $10 since I bought the Watch myself?
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    Feb 8, 2016
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    Just a reminder, not all AT&T plans qualify for the Apple Watch LTE $10 add-on plan. Only 3 have been posted by AT&T.

    Eligible iPhone plans:
    • AT&T Unlimited Plus℠
    • AT&T Unlimited Choice℠
    • Mobile Share Advantage℠
    Please double check with AT&T or your carrier to make sure that you are able to add a "wearable" device to your current plan.

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    Should be $5 or less.

    $10 from a monthly eip of about $17 is a lot.

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