iPhone 6s Plus 3D Touch While On Call


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Sep 13, 2010

When I'm on a phone call and use 3D Touch while on speaker (or not, but normally I would be) 3D Touch doesn't return a haptic feedback, instead I get an old-school vibration. This only happens while on a phone call, otherwise I get a nice haptic feedback. This is a horrible user experience, if I'm on speaker taking notes, browsing the web while talking out some topic of research, or other uses cases I use 3D touch a lot, and its incredibly annoying to get a vibration instead of a haptic feedback. This happens only on iPhone 6S Plus it may or may not happen on iPhone 6S and it definitely doesn't happen on iPhone 7. This started happening only after iOS 10. Has anyone found a solution to it? I confirmed that it is not exclusive to my iPhone or the backup I've restored to it.

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