MacBook Air (2013) Suddenly Dead

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by HunterCupp, May 28, 2018.

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    Hello all,

    I've received a 2013 model MacBook Air that does not power on or respond to anything.

    The story I was told was that the previous owner was using an Arduino connected directly to one of the USB ports and somewhere along the line they (The MacBook Air & Arduino) both died. I assume that the Arduino killed a USB port & caused a short to the power supply.

    Is there any saving this machine on my own?



    Additional info: The MagSafe charger lights up green constantly when connected.
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    It appears that there are many different Arduino devices. But I suppose if the previous owner blew out one of the USB ports it could have also damaged the logic board. It's hard to say if the PS was affected but more than likely it may have caused damage to the logic board. Either way, it could be an expensive repair unless you can do the work yourself and find a replacement logic board.
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    I would remove the bottom cover, remove the SSD, disconnect the battery, look for any signs of damage on the logic board.

    Next: leave the battery disconnected and connect the MagSafe charger. Don't touch any keys to see if the MacBook boots up on its own. It can take up to a min before the MacBook boots.

    Next: leave battery disconnected, disconnect trackpad and keyboard cables, connect charger. Don't touch any keys and wait for the MacBook to boot up on its own. It can take up to a minute.

    If nothing else works, sell it for parts without the SSD.

    If you have access to another 2013 or newer air, you can use the other air to wipe the SSD.

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