More Incidents Surface of iPhone 8 Plus Devices Burst Open Due to Possible Battery Failure

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    FTFY, MacRumors
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    I was in a store in the weekend and was having a play with an iPhone 8 demo phone and noticed that the top right hand corner had lifted away from the aluminium frame. One of the store assistants came over to ask if I needed any help and I pointed it out to her and she said "yeah, this is the second one we've had to put on display for the same reason. Our Apple supplier thinks it's just the demo units but we've never had issues with previous iPhones so who knows." so it seems like it could be becoming more of a common issue. Can you imagine what will happen if Apple has an Galaxy Note 7 size issue with their new phones splitting especially if it starts happening to the iPhone X as well?
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    Transit huh ? Good one. And the aliens. Don’t ever forget the aliens. They might have done it.
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    Brooklyn, NY, USA
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    Global Shipping
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    Lol I certainly don't
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    Holy crap, the Note 7 burnt down homes and cars? Can you link me to the articles you got this information from. I gotta read about it.
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    Emergency patch of iOS 11. Still shamefully buggy.

    Emergency patch of Watch OS

    Terrible reviews of new Apple Watch from historically sycophantic media outlets

    Tons of cool features announced at WWDC delayed until .1 or .2

    Where”s the iMac Pro or HomePod? Pre-announced because the market is moving past Apple so they had to pull a Microsoft move of pre-announcing to hope people wait for them.

    And now this...

    Glad Apple has time to do Planet of the Apps.
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    Erm, you do know that Apple exists to create wealth for its shareholders don't you?
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    That may be, but it is also the mindset that built the American economy in the first place. One can't have it both ways. Capitalism is brutal but effective. Greed for money and the competition to acquire it are what make companies continuously innovate and create value for customers - Apple is now so large and it's execs so overpaid and insulated from failure that they have forgotten why the company exists in the first place. Apple products, when they work, are unquestionably still outstanding but the pace of innovation and the share price reflects that complacency.
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    As least we finally have an iPhone that self-disassembles. No more expensive Apple battery replacement costs and the iFixit repairability rating will shoot up.
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    I remember when it was Samsung that would copy Apple. Apple just have no ideas of their own anymore.

    Apple just aren't the same these days.
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    Apple's execs are constantly claiming (to their fans, not stockholders) that they don't design items to make money, but for the pure joy of it :)

    Sure you can have it both ways. Companies used to make money while also taking good care of their employees and community.

    Then they got into the mode of bringing in outsiders who were paid by percentage of profit, and it all went to hell with highly overpaid CEOs who later safely bail out with their golden parachute.
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    So this is just the Plus so far... good thing I ordered the smaller one!
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    As i see in the site of this store irepair is not an authorised service center so is strange that this specific client went there his brand new iphone 8 and not in an authorized one. Strange things happen )))
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    First university coding class = 47 years ago
    Seems like a pretty normal rate at this point.

    And just swelling is actually far better than with previous iPhone batteries, where there were examples of devices bursting into flame while in packaging, pockets, and on airliners. Even a bed bound patient killed by fire while charging his iPhone in bed, which so far is a one time smartphone occurence.

    Seems that battery quality control has gotten immensely better. Both Samsung and Apple have previously suffered (Samsung far more so) from far worse internal shorts which caused runaway thermal events.
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    Who is the battery supplier? Samsung is probably having a bout of schadenfreude right about now. I hope this is just contained to a couple dozen phones and is not a widespread problem even though I have no interest in buying an 8 Plus. I'm keeping my 7 plus for another year, unless I see the iPhone X in the store and can't resist myself.
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    Simple solution: order 3! One of them is bound to work flawlessly (IOS11 bugs excepted).
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    Maybe they just don't care anymore?
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    Respectfully, I'm not sure if the company has changed, or the speed of news, the quantity of defects per million devices and the quantity of devices shipped has tilted in favor of there just being more defects out there.

    On that last point, having 1 defect per million is still in 6 Sigma range (3/1,000,000), and having 10 million shipped would mean there were 10 units that failed.

    Couple that with the speed of news, with at least 104 hours of news per day (4 cable news networks, plus 3 2 hour national news shows) versus the early 80's with 3 hours of news, as well as the Internet (today), means that something has to fill that void. When I was a kid, when a computer had a problem, you took it to the local Radio Shack and they fixed it, or told you that it was an issue they'd take care of.
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    Propoganda! There are ways to "create" this scenario with unconventional methods. I have known people that did things to make their battery expand so that they could get a liquid damaged phone replaced in warranty.
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    I am a big fan of Apple, but part of me wants Apple to suffer for this. It would have been a good lesson and reality check for those arrogant pricks at Apple.
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    I hope noone gets hurt...but this is the most hilarious thing i've ever heard reported about Apple. Good luck, suckers.
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    I guess they can just put a Qi wireless charging pad in the security area and ask folks to put their phone on the charging pad...if phone starts have an 8/8+ (and X).
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    I expect the same apologists to play down the incidents like they did with Samsung.
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