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Cox Orange

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Jan 1, 2010
[There is a loose Link-list in post #7, that just collects info worthwhile, it can be used as sort of a "quarry" for post #1. The links would have to be put in the right categories in post #1 as well]


I wanted to read up something I head red in a thread some time ago here and then I thought it would be handy, to have a link list of user's cooling/quieting mods, so that one can more easily dig through it.

So I am inviting you all, to post links to your Threads about your cooling mods here. (If you like with short description).

I hope everyone is ok with putting cooling and quieting in one List...?

Happy posting and modding! :)

PS: would be cool to have this as a Wiki and someone would create a better style template for organizing the information


G4 Yikes (PCI):

G4 Sawtooth (AGP):
- Here you can have sort of a preview of where the big case fan gets its air from.

G4 GE:

G4 DA:

G4 QS ("Quicksilver"):


Fan specs:

- big CPU/Case-fan:
. early models (before Apple introduced PSU+case-fan exchange kit):
120x120x38mm, under 69cfm at low speed, Delta AFB1212SHE variable speed fan that can spin up to 3700rpm with a maximum airflow of 152 CFM and a noise level of up to 53 dBA
. later models and exchange kit:
Papst 4212H 120 x 120 x 38 mm fan depth
12 Volt, 108 CFM, 3400 RPM (max), 49 dBA
Thermally regulated PWM

- PSU-fan:
see japamac link (post 7), Mineba fan is found in Single CPU MDDs and Delta in Dual CPU MDDs.

- Door-fan:
see Japamac link post 7

MDD cooling mods, Links:
More extensive Cooling and Quietening mod for MDD:
- (to be added)

MDD - Explanation of Apple's cooling concept and airflow:
- (to be added)

Passively cooled Graphics Cards (not modded):
- an article about the ATI 9600 Mac and PC Edition (or taken from PowerMac G5)
- Nvidia Geforce 6200 (flashed PC card, namely the XFX Modell/Series PV-T44A-WANG) is recommended here I assume because the ATI 9600, though passive, may be hotter and thus adds to the overal heat making the fan run faster/louder.

Mods for Actively cooled Graphics Cards:
- (to be continued)

General notes/steps/solutions to consider:
- Changing the old PSU for a new one can cut heat. Here is why: see post #16
- to be continued
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Jan 12, 2015
I have a 12" powerbook with a couple cooling upgrades. Some of it's just maintenance. Clean out the fan, heatsink fins, etc. I oiled the fan, which quieted it down some. I cleaned and reapplied thermal grease to the cpu, and replaced the thermal foam on the gpu with copper and thermal grease. I also put a small heatsink on the logic board under the gpu. There's a section that's clear of components there, and the 12" gpu seems to run hot and is probably the primary failure mode on these. The ssd is quiet and cool too. Also, setting the cpu speed to automatic helps to keep it cool/quiet when it's not doing anything that uses a lot of cpu.

These simple things made a noticeable difference in the reported temperatures. It runs cooler now than before, despite being overclocked.


Sep 3, 2016
My Powermac g4 quicksilver is certainly not quiet by today's standards, but to keep everything as cool as possible (especially when I upgraded to the dual 1ghz CPU which threw more heat), I added 1 60mm fan to the CPU heat sink & GPU heat sink as well as additional heat sinks to the Vram chips & PC133 sticks. I also added a big case fan on the top of the optical drive mostly because I already had it & it was wasting space in my drawer. It fit so in it went. I would often just pop the case door open if I noticed temps creeping up although I haven't needed to recently with what I have going on now moving air. Also worth noting, I reapplied thermal compound to the CPUs during upgrade process.

As far as noise, the main culprits are the OG case fans. The new stuff is almost completely silent. I refurbed the fans with a good clean & liberal dose of ptfe lubricant in the fan bearings. It was much quieter afterwards but Yanno they're 15 year old fans so a bit of noise is ok I think & part of the beast. I'm very happy with it anyhow.
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Oct 29, 2012
I converted my liquid cooled Quad 2.5GHz G5 into an air cooled Dual 2.5GHz G5, because it was running rather hot.

Cox Orange

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Jan 1, 2010
Thanks to all contributers! I haven't been here and somehow failed to see notification mails in my inbox. SOrry.
Here's a link to my MDD power supply cooling-totally silent mod. (starts at post #11)
I hope you don't mind adding your other thread that adds a few more details to your thread
I converted my liquid cooled Quad 2.5GHz G5 into an air cooled Dual 2.5GHz G5, because it was running rather hot.
Just a small addition for other people, before they do this mod. Often when a G5 overheats - as simple and strange as it sounds - it helps to clean the Mac and reapply new thermal grease between CPU/heatsink. (On the other hand AmazingKerem's, of cause avoids the horror of being surprised by LCS leakage on day - although there are mods that describe replacing the Apple Liquid cooling system with a new better one).

@ RhianB
what's that black line reminiscient of an analog telephone cable running besides the CPU heatsink+fan?
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Cox Orange

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Jan 1, 2010
Link list with more links in these threads (some information, partly added by myself might be outdated, because of newer and better knowledge from other users). Some may be doubles.

This serves as a scrapbook/notebook!

I will add descriptions on what to find behind the links later, I just want to put the links here, so I don't forget them:
- Quicksilver
- fan specs an annotation (and more stuff/mods on the authors site)
- additional fan specs
- Quicksilver (for the missing pictures, you have to hit the cross to close the bar at the top and then click on the broken-img icons)
- Quicksilver Mod (with additional heat factors, i.e. Upgrades)
- Sawtooth (replacing existing fans and optionally adding additional fan above Airport FF-class bracket, fan cjoice recommendation an consideration)
- General Modding Thread with user projects (includes some cooling mods as well)
- Quicksilver (repairing cracked stock fan, replacing, recommendations), needs to be reviewd again
- Quicksilver
- review again
- G4-DA and MDD to be reviewd again
- Dual G4 MDD owner Feedback on CHUD Tools Nap mode (to lower CPU temperatures), and discussion
- Report about overheating MDDs after Apple PSU swap programm and post with fan replacement recommendations!
- fan mod/replacement MDD
- curiosity MDD power supply in DA/QS (would make room to use a 80mm fan at the upper rear case)
- MDD (with posts by Japamac)
- QS

- add manufacturer's specs for all stock fans
- maybe make second thread for mobile PPCs, to make the thread better to scan through
- add info/consideration regarding temperature controlling Daughterboard in QS-PSU (used at least in G4-AGP, too, probably in all including G3 B&W up to QS) and current draw, as mentiond by Karl Haase at edu.holstein (question is this the current at min or max speed)
- add notes/information regarding logicboard fan regulation of MDD CPU-fan regulation not working with some fans (hence new fan connected to molex with thermistor or 3-speed-switch) and additionally that the stock fan is provided more than 14V at max and how that might cause problems with new fans (question, if that max is reached). Mentioned by Japamac on support forum and by user in macos9lives forum
- add info about OS9.2.2 fan always running at max and Firmware update
(MDD-only firmware download apple's kb article and download-link doesn't exist anymore. "update introduces improved fan speed behavior. It also reduces high speed fan cycling when users run in Mac OS 9".
Apple's priginal download sources:
Here the link for the installation on Mac OS 9:
And here the link for the Mac OS X installer:
- look, if I already added and fit in the following links
(different fans tested)
(with drastic changes)
(fan rearrangement and replacement, see post #10 guide and #11 pictures)
(this is great, it has multiple ideas/Mods with pictures, just look through the pictures and find the corresponding article on the left)
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Dec 20, 2016
Actually I took two old PC fans joined them together with small pieces of card board and screws in the middle and hooked them to a 12volt dc power adapter and found how to enable the Onscreen Keyboard. I lay them on top the keyboard right next to the screen where the vent is at and use the Onscreen Keyboard. For my G4 it was in system pref under "international" in the input menu you just click the box for Keyboard Viewer and your country flag will show up in the top bar on the right side and that is where you click to have it displayed.

My Android doesn't take very good pictures but here is one,

is of the back side "Top" where there are not any guards on the fans the bottom side is the guarded or shielded side that is laying on the computer. I need to put metal guards on the top but haven't done it yet..

I also put a switch on it so I can turn it on and off. When I have it on I either us the Keyboard Viewer or my Wireless Keyboard. It actually works quite well for my iBook.
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Sep 3, 2016
@CO -> Those black telephone cable looking things are hollow & house power cables leading to the aftermarket GPU & CPU fans. I haven't taken the time to shrink wrap the ends closest to the fans yet but I will. I had sleeved the PSU cables and it bugged me that these fan cables were exposed so I had some left overs from cable management efforts behind my desk so in they went. I may at some point sleeve them properly with matching material but again, I just haven't gotten around to it - not high on my "to do" list anyhow lol.

Now that I look at it, the cable management looks like some goofy aftermarket LCS tubing - which I assure you it is not. :D
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