macbook pro 13 retina

  1. PierogiBingo

    Kodi security & encryption

    My kid wanted to install Kodi on his MBP. I'm concerned about the security of his data. Will it make a difference if we set up a new user on the same machine and then install Kodi?
  2. A

    Buying new MBP, need advice

    Hi guys, Finally upgrading to a new MBP, but I'm shocked about the new prices. My current machine is a 13" mid 2009 MBP. What I do on my machine is to store my photo archive and edit many raw files that I shoot with my SLR, as well as occasional GoPro video editing. I'm leaning toward the ne...
  3. D

    2016 Macbook pro 13 with or without touch bar?

    Hi Guys, Need some advice on this. I am not sure if it is a good idea to get the updated 13 MBPr without the touch bar? Other than the touch ID I am not seeing much advantage. Do you think its worth to future proof in this aspect? I am looking at maxing out the ram instead. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  4. M

    Using a Full Size Fan below the macbook to cool it?

    So... I used to just pointed a mini fan towards my macbook to cool it down during game sessions but it seems to not be really too effective and dust builds up super quickly. After walking down the street, I saw some box fans on sale and I got a amazing idea. I would just buy a box fan and use...
  5. Ace2617

    Time Machine 'Preparing' Problem

    Hey everyone, I'm having a problem with Time Machine in 10.12 Sierra. For nearly the past 45 minutes, I've been trying to run a Time Machine backup on my 2015 rMBP. I plug my WD HDD in, and it says preparing for backup, which is normal. However, it seems to get stuck there. The blue progress...
  6. J

    Macbook pro 13in , 15in or waiting for new release?

    Hi , i'm a student in architecture school in my last year and i used to work in a macbook 15in for 7 years. Now , it is completely dead and im looking to buy another one! I use many pretentious programs and i want a macbook that can stand this. I am between macbook pro 13inch (2.57GHz dual core...
  7. D

    SSD hard drive on macbook retina 13-inch

    I recently bought this PNY SSD drive with 480Gb to upgrade by macbook pro retina (model 11)... It seems branded largely at PCs but the tech guy at the store I bought it from assured me it would fit inside most laptops (including a macbook pro) and I've found bits of information on the net to...
  8. J

    Dried chocolate on flash memory drive (with pic)

    Hi! I took my 2013 macbook pro with retina into the apple store to get a separate repair that's covered under warranty. However, they called me saying that there was chocolate on the flash memory drive, classifying the computer as "water damaged", so the only way for me to get anything fixed is...
  9. Dantnad

    All browsers crash when uploading files

    I've got this problem after installing macOS Sierra that is really frustrating!!!! I initially thought it was a Google Chrome Problem, then I found out it happened to every single Web browsing app; Safari, Chrome, Mozilla... What happens is that when I try to upload a file to any page via...
  10. M

    Macbook 2016 or macbook pro 2015 or wait?

    Team - NEED YOUR ADVICE. My workflow: email, browsing, advanced excel for number crunching and programming, MS Office, and browsing. Usually, I have excel, slack, airmail, 2 safari windows, (3-4 tabs), powerpoint, calendar, and preview open at any given point of time. I work from home for...
  11. Federico87

    Refurb or not?

    Hi guys, and here I am again asking for your buying advice. I've carefully read the and still have a couple of doubts. What have kept me away from refurb products till today is a simple consideration about performances, and...
  12. ytech

    Is my rMBP sleeping when I am closing the lid?!

    Hey, Since I am losing quite a lot of battery charge overnight (7-10%) i am afraid that when I shut the lid, the machine isn't getting into sleep mode, any way to check on it? Thanks in advance!
  13. C

    Constant Wifi drop (2015 MBP), how to read crash logs?

    I have a Wireless diagnostics Wifi Crash Log from when the wifi was dropped using both safe mode and regular boot. How can I interpret this crash log, what should I be looking for? I have troubleshooted every imaginable thing for the constant wifi drop on 10.11.5 on this 13 macbook pro. I...
  14. LuxNox

    Transfer footage from HD recorder to Macbook Pro?

    I have an older Samsung "DVD HR-737" - a DVD / Hard Disk recorder (images below) of which the DVD-R mechanism no longer works (I tried a lens cleaner, but to no avail), so I am unable to transfer the internal HDD's content by copying it to a DVD. It saddens me, because this device contains a...
  15. GiveMeAnthony

    Resolved Symlink icons stuck in dock after OS 10.11.5 update

    I've recently updated to OS 10.11.5 on my 13" Macbook Pro Retina and am experiencing an issue with symlinks. Whenever I open up a symlink pointing to an executable inside a dot-app package (or opening directly), the icon stays in the dock even after closing the application. I cannot force quit...
  16. Federico87

    To buy or not to buy, this is the question

    Hi there. I'm in the position of considering the rMB as my next Apple laptop but there're a couple of black spots for which I may need your help to clarify. I'm reading all over the web that, despite 2015 bad or not-so-good reviews, the 2016 machine performs really well in terms of process...
  17. P

    iPad Pro Sleeve that fits both MacBook Pro and iPad Pro

    Hi all, I've been looking for a vertically oriented sleeve with two pockets that can fit both a MacBook Pro 13" (retina) and an iPad Pro 12.9". Ideally it's fitted for a 13" rMBP, but I'd be willing to settle for one fitted for a 15" rMBP if it also fit the iPad Pro 12.9". Has anyone come...
  18. Federico87

    Macbook Air now?

    Hi guys, my first thread in this forum and already looking for purchase tips :) Here's my situation. I'm to buy a new mac, the last one was the MBP mid 2005. Given my budget and what currently on the market, I would go for the Air with the following configuration: MacBook Air 13 inches Intel...
  19. KaliaHaze

    Which 2014 rMBP would you suggest?

    There's two amazing deals for MacBooks lined up. They're the same year and stuff. 13.3in rMBP 2014 2.6GHZ 8GB ram 256 SSD. Option A is $800 or $815 and it includes a charger and Applecare(insurance) until August. Option B is about $745 and it doesn't include a charger and has no AppleCare...
  20. S

    Have budget for a new MacBook Pro should I wait

    I'm looking forward to buy a new 13 inch retina MBP to replace my 2011 MacBook Pro 13. The question is should I wait for the new refreshed model(not sure when)or just go with the current one? I do hope the new one has better graphics performance.