Apple Will Replace the Battery in Your iPhone 6 or Later Even if It Passes a Genius Bar Diagnostic Test

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    #501 these links..... You are not demonstrating any knowledge on this issue, you are just spamming links :(

    If you are unable to articulate how something works, needing to link to someone else article, it means you don't understand it.

    You have made it very clear about 20% and EOL, but posting this over and over and over? why?

    Apple have created this throttling that works all the time, irrespective if the battery is EOL under 20% over 80%.....99% ..... its not just EOL, EOL is most likely when it will manifest itself does not make the issue less dire that throttling happens in less than 12 months, and how sever the throttling is.....which is insignificant to the fact that apple did not tell the user the throttling was happening at all.

    Anyway, good luck - maybe a mod will pull you up on reposting the same thing over and over, or not....
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    My son uses my old 5s and the battery goes from 79% to 30% then dead literally ....
    I'd gladly pay $29 for a new battery, besides that the 5s phone serves his needs.
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    My iPhone 4s is still working ( apart from the Wifi/BT/volume control design issues, which Apple never stood up to ) ,

    How about a battery replacement at a reasonable price for that one ?
    Or any electronic device using a battery, which is a disposable by its very nature ?

    One day law makers will grow a pair, and easily replacable, standardized batteries will be mandatory, along with universal chargers ; which really is the only thing worth talking about here . In my humble opinion .

    Meanwhile, a hairdryer keeps my 4s running when the Wifi/BT/volume controls act up again .
  4. Mac 128, Jan 3, 2018
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    My old 5s does the same thing. However, I don't think it will be covered. The article states 6 or better. So that would leave the 5s out.

    I asked earlier whether the 5s is not being throttled, even though it runs the latest iOS. I have not received an answer. If it is being throttled as well, I'm not sure why Apple doesn't include it.

    I assume the SE battery will fit into a 5s, if so, then ordering an SE kit from iFixit for $29 should work just as well.

    I took my 5s in after an iOS update broke the Touch ID within a year after Apple claimed to replace my original defective one with a brand new replacement 5s. Despite it being brand new, it was still under my original warranty which had expired. Apple did test my 5s and found the battery to pass it's test, despite several Apple employees observing first hand the rapid battery drain. They wanted me to pay $250 to replace it. So instead I waited until the SE came out a few months later and upgraded. Hopefully, the battery drain is JUST an old battery, and not something more flawed with the 5s hardware. For $29 I'm happy to find out.
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    John Poole of Geekbench: the throttling is used to "mask battery deficiency".

    Apple: the battery is deficient in these scenarios...end of life for the battery, low charge on a healthy battery, cold battery.

    What does that mean? It means two out of the three scenarios where there is "battery deficiency" could happen with a healthy battery and aren't related to age or defects. Both of those are related to the limits of lithium ion technology though, not to Apple. The reason you're so dismissive of the link that I previously posted is that it proves exactly what both Poole, and Apple, and myself are saying.
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    I can't tell if you're serious or not.

    Does the 4s run the minimum software in which the throttling algorhythms were introduced? And if so, do you know if they are designed to operate on the 4s, or just newer phones?

    There are obvious legitimate reasons why older batteries for legacy products cost more. Fewer people are using the 4s and have upgraded for faster phones, and better features. Therefore, demand is lower, and the custom batteries will cost more.

    I hope lawmakers never mandate easily replaceable, standardized batteries. If those laws already existed, then we wouldn't have the amazing phones we do today, as they would be limited by size, and accessibility, and perhaps even features until new standards provided for the support needed for them.

    I've always had AppleCare on every Apple product I've owned, except my ill-fated 5s, and Apple has never once hesitated to replace my phone when a physical defect appeared under warranty. I've found that while I can still use my older Apple products, upgrading has been the only reasonable path after every few years, if only to maintain proper functionality in a modern world. Despite my disagreements with Apple, they've done far more than any other electronics maker to keep me coming back every few years.
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    This sums it up succinctly and elegantly. Apple appears to have promised the disclosure at least and potentially an opt-out feature as well, just as low-power mode is optional.

    I’m still sceptical how this occurred and why so many iPhones (as to be measurable in Geekbench results) required throttling after as little as one year. All I can say is thanks Geekbench for exposing the problem and helping to retain my phone’s performance.
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    Oh no... not yet another iPhone battery thread!!!!!
    Hasn’t this already been remedied?
  9. MH01, Jan 3, 2018
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    And the 3rd Scenario?

    I am dismissive because you are blaming the whole issue on Battery technology, that is not the issue . The way Apple dealt with the existing ........and what has never changed..... that batteries will die over time......fact..... is to Cripple the phone in step with the battery dieing. Something others do do, and they actually inform the user of the real battery health, so they can replace it!

    Apple hid form the user the real health of the battery, by crippling the device, decieving them into thinking the battery was okay and that the deceive overall was getting slow - THIS is the ISSUE.

    Going on and on about that batteries loose power....yeah the pop is catholic, we get it, that is not the issue here.

    FYI - My iPad original.....does not crash.......the battery just lasts a lot less, how is this possible? an old the original iPad, that does not crash running geekbench? Its cause apple messed up the iPhone 6 / 6s design around the tolerances.

    Please explain to me why my iPad 1 with its original battery can avoid crashing , with tis battery EOL....??
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    Your bias is you see Apple defense where none exists. You see a statement “Samsung is purple” and read into it that I said “Apple is green.” Since I said not a word about Apple, you reached this conclusion based on your own preconceived notions. Hence bias.
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    I didn’t see anything that said they would replace it whether it passed diagnostics or not. I guess I can make another appt and push the issue. Thanks...
  12. Baymowe335, Jan 3, 2018
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    Normal phones? (iPhone 6/7 and most likely 8 have design flaw and slow down is cover up of it in order to avoid recall).

    Most of the phones don't have that problem. And apple did not fixed it, but used ugly hack at user's expense.Complete insanity to proclaim the iPhone 6, 7, 'most likely' 8 have a "design flaw." I mean, LOL!!! There are probably close to 800M iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8 out there. Do you know how many phones 800M really is? This would be a WAY WAY WAY bigger problem if there were ANY "design flaw" in these phones.

    You're literally making stuff up based on a vocal minority.

    ALL batteries degrade over time and Apple has decided to support the situation with a $29 fix even for 3.5 year old devices.

    You can debate how we got here, but there is no design flaw on a mass scale.

    Let's see. Now this is going to be hard for most people to grasp, but let's try.

    Battery tech has not increased as quickly as mobile processing tech. It's really that simple. Not before you just quote me and offer a rebuttal, think about it.

    Phone applications demand FAR more computing power, are far more capable, and the phones themselves have far more computing power than previous models. The iPhone X is as powerful as some laptops.

    There are situations that today's phones are doing processing that requires higher draw on a battery that is in sub-optimal shape. When this occurs, the phone could shut down or need some kind of power management to mitigate these situations.

    You might not like it, but it's reality with every phone and every lithium battery. Search Google for Samsung Note shutdown or Android bootloop and see that's it's not just iPhones. The difference with Apple is they are actually facing the problem. Was their power management perfect? Maybe not, but I know plenty of people with iPhone 6 and 6s that have no idea this problem is even going on. I still believe the people really experiencing pain have batteries with far more cycles and in overall worse shape than others.

    That's why 800M people aren't complaining. If they were, you'd know it and the problem would be WAY more publicized.
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    Jan 2, 2018
    Couldn't really tell you mate, Mario stickers maybe? :)

    If you use iMessage a lot on an iPhone and have a Mac the fact it all ties together nicely might be hard to give up but like I mentioned most folks I know are on WhatsApp and that has a good Mac app which provides the same functionality.

    I prefer apps which are platform agnostic where possible precisely so I'm not tied into a service I can't take somewhere else or easily switch to an alternative.
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    Don’t see the humor. Samsung ****s up. Apple ****s up too. Both should do a better job.
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    The problem with what you're saying here is that battery health is not the only situation where voltage can become too low for the CPU load. Low charge (20% or lower) and cold can both cause issues with voltage supply. Neither requires the battery to be old or defective. It's due to limitations with how standard lithium ion technology works in small form factors like phones. Larger sized batteries for iPads have more overhead for supplying voltage. It's less likely to be a problem with a healthy battery. Your EOL iPad battery will eventually get too unstable for voltage though, just like with a phone.
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    Apologies in advance but I just had to...

    Pick one: was a perfectly usable handset/OS was a more than usable handset/OS

    Sorry again :(

  19. Tor Eckman macrumors member

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    Then the throttling "feature" should have been implimented across the board to ALL iPhones (and would have been included for the 7 in 10.2.1 update, and in included in the 8 in 11.2 update), and not just implemented in the previous generation phones.
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    Sorry, it wasn't clear but now that I've read it back it's both of what you suggested. I personally didn't like it and if I'm honest used my own phone, (5000 mins/month and unlimited data), instead of the business one because of it.
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    It's surprising how no other portable device ever has had this problem. Not Androids, Samsung, or even iPads.
  22. H2SO4 macrumors 68040

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    You don't know that at all.
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    My 4s goes from 100% to 65% then dead. My phone was working fine until Apple created this mess. Why should I pay for anything? How do I add my name to the lawsuit?
  24. eyeseeyou macrumors 68020

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    How are they making profit on a $29 battery replacement? You mean from a big picture perspective? Or long-term profit through customer retention?
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    “There is no design flaw on a mass scale.”

    Oh yeah? Then why do the devices power themselves off. Do you know of any other mobile phones that turn themselves off and require being connected to a power device to power back on? Any at all? Yes ALL batteries degrade over time - only newer iPhones are shutting themselves off. That’s a design flaw, which was remedied by throttling the devices to near-levels of previous iPhones.

    Apple will lose billions, and Tim Cook is going to be replaced as CEO. Time reveals all.

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