iPad - Lock-screen passcode reset/recovery help!

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    I cannot believe I’m having to ask this. I stupidly changed my iPad Air 2 lock-screen passcode the other night from the old 4-digit passcode to a 6-digit one (thumb and finger prints still intact) but I’ve already managed to forget it. Yes, I am embarrassed and yes, I hope this isn’t a sign of early-onset dementia, lol. I guess I was more exhausted than I thought. In my defense, I have been using the Thumbprint to unlock it and it wasn’t until the battery was recharged, did I have to physically type in the passcode for the first time since resetting it. I entered what I thought the passcode was a bunch of times, stupidly, and now am locked out of it for 60 minutes.

    So, after reading an Apple support doc, my plan was to just erase the iPad via Find My iPhone in iCloud and reset it by reinstalling from a backup I had made in iTunes on my MBP (mid-2012, still running Mavericks v10.9.5). However, when I plug in the iPad Air 2 into my mac and open iTunes, it shows no iPad backup copy ever having been made, even though I know for a fact I have backed up to my mac via iTunes last month as I do it every month! What happened? Anywhere else I can look for it?
    However, iTunes does show that was backed up to iCloud two days ago.

    What is the best route for me to regain access to my iPad Air 2 without losing any photos, videos and other personal files? Since I hadn’t turned on optimized for my photos, will it just import the thumbnail versions and lower-res versions, or will I still have my original quality ones?
    Considering that I’m still on Mavericks and my iPad Air 2 is still running ios9 (last version), will this cause me to have further issues?

    I should mention that my iPad Air 2 is without a SIM card (not connected to a data plan) and uses only wifi. I do have my messages forwarded to it from my iPhone, though.

    Please advise the best way to go about regaining access to my iPad.
    All help is much appreciated!
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    Can't you just back it up. Format it. Set new password and restore???

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