the growing void for a smartphone UI geared for adult business professionals ?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by zen2u, Apr 29, 2017.

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    Sure you can. If you're "serious" about workflow you'll get the device that supports what you're looking for instead of arbitrarily deciding that the features you want don't exist simply because you can't count 3DT.....

    Point of certainly wasn't that user you were responding to that was "Fussing" over things....given you posted 10 screenshots.
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    Back when I was doing corporate IT, I remember similar complaints from MS-DOS business users regarding Windows (and I recall their total disdain for Mac). The business departments wanted "serious-looking" computers and software, the creative departments preferred to "Think Different."

    Stuff changes. OSes and software keep gaining new features. Life was definitely simpler and cleaner in the Good Old Days.

    As others have noted, there have been many features added that can potentially improve productivity, for users of all types. There are others that do nothing to aid business productivity in particular, so they're seen as clutter (the features added to Messages in particular).

    iOS devices are far closer to Apple's ideal for "a computer for everyone" than PCs ever were, or can be. A computer in every person's pocket, always available, useful for work and play, personal business as well as corporate business. When an object is that personal, users want something more than clean and utilitarian. It's similar to the reason people decorate their desks and cubicles at work.
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    You sound like you could use a Windows Phone with a removable battery... Maybe a 950XL?
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    I was just going to say that. It may not have any apps, but the calendar and email apps are 10x better than what's on iOS.

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