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Jan 21, 2021
Hi all,
I want to restore my Mac to my last Time Machine backup of Catalina. I'm currently on Big Sur and don't want to lose any new data since upgrading.

Is there a way I can view every file I've created, downloaded, saved etc. after a specific date (that date being after upgrading to Big Sur) so I can drag and drop onto my external hard drive so I don't lose anything? I imagine there is a Finder search format or something...

If it helps at all, I own CleanMyMac X.


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Sep 13, 2007
London, England
Is there a reason you want to downgrade?

But yes, just go to the Finder, press Command + F to bring up a Finder window, then change the filters to search "This Mac", and "Last modified date" is "after" <your date> to see all your modified documents.

This won't locate random data like iOS backups and preference files changes, but you shouldn't be copying files that Big Sur has changed anyway as they are most likely in a format that Catalina cannot use.
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Jun 22, 2020
if you are comfortable in Terminal, you could use (example) find ~ -Btime -5d. Note: the ~ means you are searching in your home directory, and the -5d indicates you are looking for files modified in the last five days. To have the output sent to a text file, where it's easier to review, add > ~/Desktop/MyNewFiles.txt to the end. If you want to read up on your options, type man find in the Terminal to read the manual on the Find command.
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